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(1) Are folks in this thread in favor of publishing these in a little webzine? I’d also be willing to do a small run of physical zines if my printer can give me some good prices.

(2) Would any graphic designers want to work with me on laying it out? I’ve got some free time this weekend and would take a shot at putting something together, but the more eyes on it the better!

(3) Should this be a separate thread? //////// webzine series could be a fun ongoing project with revolving content/themes.



Sounds like a fantastic idea! If you need a hand with the webzine, please let me know.

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  1. Totally in favor!! This would be so cool.

  2. I have some experience with InDesign and have done some amateur graphic design, so I’d be willing to give some good feedback/maybe help with layout if need be.

  3. Hmmmm. I suppose it depends on the scope of the zine! If it’s limited to pics in this thread, keep it here. If we wanna evolve it into something more, another thread could be helpful.

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that’s just very beautiful. Love the filtered light on the edge of the world :slight_smile:

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from a very recent trip to south lake tahoe, a big hike up to Grouse Lake through Desolation Wilderness.

a couple weeks back my camera met the pavement so these are from my phone, I have a couple other trips with images worth sharing from earlier in the month to keep this thread a little fresh



Lake Michigan



Some brilliant pictures on this thread

One of mine from this morning

I’ve also been experimenting with short video + soundtracks inspired by the instagram 1 minute limit



Went out to an ephemeral salt lake with my drone - lake was filled since we had some decent rain :slight_smile:



Drone photos always knock my socks off. What gear are you specifically using here?



I honestly hadn’t been a fan of drone photos before seeing what @samarobryn just posted. They recover an immediacy and intimacy that I haven’t seen elsewhere with this technique, so I too am highly curious about process.



Carlingford Lough at dusk



DJI Spark :slight_smile:

I went for it because it was lightweight, fits into a small bag and would be my first drone.

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Thanks! Very interesting and insightful feedback there…I guess perhaps because I’m not flying so high up that it feels disembodied? Also, I feel like some drone photos are overly slick, like they don’t note the imperfections that exist on the land.

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I got a spark too (although now I want a Mavic pro :slight_smile: GAS isn’t just for synths)

couple of shots - both a bit further away than yours - I need to try some nearer stuff like you’ve done!

(hmm - embedded video not working for me - click though to watch the first one on instagram)



I would love a Mavic Pro as well! Just have to make sure I’m confident enough not to crash my Spark first :wink:

Your photos are very interesting. Is that an estuary system? Just love watching all the different textures happening.

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"Is that an estuary system? "

Yes Morecambe bay in the UK