Nature & Photography


mt davidson in may

purisima redwood forest the day my camera met the pavement



:heart_eyes: love this


Video clip I cut as a promo for my new album, made from some incredible images that I captured at sea in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica when I was down there on campaign with Sea Shepherd:

Album is available on tape and digital here:



loving this - wicked footage - I’d love to visit that part of the world one day. liking the music too - you’ll need to wait until next month before I buy it mind :wink:


I’m not much of a photographer but I quite like this one:

Peak district walk with family on a beautiful June day (my Daughter in the middle, with her cousins).

We have had some beautiful sunsets recently too (quick snap taken in my garden):


Thank you! :smiley: :heart:


That opening shot is perfect


North Cascades. Shot on 35mm Cinestill 800T film, no edits. I love the processing artifacts that occurred on this roll.


Took this recently - just loved the colours. I’m gonna count it as “nature” because what made the scene interesting is just how much the nature had reclaimed that ruined structure.


Came across this speedy little caterpillar when I was out walking yesterday.


Love these colors!! Is Cinestill repackaged motion picture film? Also, any chance you remember what aperture + exposure you shot?


Photos are not of greatest quality, but I was happy to see this bird nonetheless.


Yes, Cinestill is Kodak motion picture film that has had the remjet layer chemically removed, so that it can be processed using regular C41.

I don’t recall the exposure. But this was a Nikon F3 and 24mm lens.



You guys might be interested in this instagram feed i put up few weeks ago. It should act as a mold between my musical as well as photographic work. And showcases fragments of how the world influences me.



last weekend at duxbury reef tide pools


Lovely Glacier National Park

As seen from a mountain in the Flathead National Forest because we accidentally took the wrong road :sweat_smile:


rainy days on the bay


Climbed Mailbox Peak and had breakfast on top, with a view of Rainier.

It was alright I guess