Nature & Photography



I’ll never get sick of getting a first look at newly developed film…


These are wonderful. Mind sharing details on gear/film?


all shot on a Hasselblad 500c / 80mm. pretty sure all three shots are Portra 160, but there may be an Ektar shot that snuck in.


I love that slight touch of haziness on them, makes the scenes look so ethereal :slight_smile:


Out on the bay where I live


Taken from the window of a puddle-jumper flying from Monterey to Los Angeles last Monday…


Found this beauty in the garden yesterday. Turns out they are quite uncommon in my area.



My two cents :slight_smile:

Also I’m building / adding up to my first photography work:

edit: It is dark and about trash and burning btw. But hey, I’m going to work more on some of those sky and branches pictures as well :slight_smile:

Please send me tips, really, I’m very new to the light art.


Out & about today



on the trail this weekend


Nature and video shot like photography. I basically run the camera without touching it for as long as possible.


So cool to see someone else doing something similar! I like doing this too - like a moving photograph :slight_smile:

Here’s me at the Salt River a few years ago - we have an ephemeral salt river system [yes we are really original with names in Australia…] that runs during winter. I took this under a bridge a few hours out of Perth.

A single small scrub swaying in the breeze at Cowcowing Lakes, a dried salt lake:


These are fricking great. Love the black and white.


Love these so much… especially first one but also in how it works with the others. I hope at some point you consider doing a book or something… very inspirational for me actually… a reminder to attend to that which is most near, that from which can spring forth new beginnings.


35mm film


A few paperbark trees :slight_smile:


always appreciate positive feedback! I’d do a book if someone who had a better idea than me would put it together! right now these end up on people’s LP jackets which is fine with me.

i’ve been hiking and camping for ages so I think I’m pretty good at catching the various things around me - here it’s just the light instead of a critter or a fungus…thanks!