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saturday’s hike was “full aguirre”


Took this earlier this summer as I went fishing with the family. It was a beautiful moment.


As always, I’m very impressed by the pics everyone is posting here.
Here are some pics from Kasuga Primeval Forest here in Nara. It’s my “Happy Place”- so glad that this is within walking distance, when I left Vancouver I was worried about what was going to replace spaces like Stanley Park for those necessary recharge/decompression trail walks.
A little copy/paste info:

"The World Heritage Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest, which is behind Kasugataisha Shrine, has remained virtually untouched since hunting and logging were prohibited in AD 841. The forest was off-limits to the public until after WWII, which has helped preserve its rare flora and fauna. "

All taken late Spring, early Summer on my Ricoh GR2.

Not pictured: Very large wild boar I saw meandering across the ravine about 30m away! Too busy quietly leaving as swiftly as possible and going to retrieve my Zoom H6 that was rolling, tucked away off-trail…terrified of those things…:boar::boar::boar::fearful:


after a long productive but very busy work week - a couple of hours of creativity this evening. As well as some music the light as darkness fell was amazing


so so good!

what camera, if you don’t mind me asking?


thank you - it’s a Sony RX100 m3 (couldn’t afford the better models :frowning: ) - it’s a lovely little camera




good to know. I also have a mk iii and I’ve never really relied on it for night-time shots, but this looks great


Some analog black & white photos i took while in France and back home in the Netherlands.


That second photo! :open_mouth:


I love love the third one.


the RX100 series has been pretty darn good for a while - the best camera is the one you have


as another late comer - loving this thread.
here’s a contribution from south-east-asia. nature and wildlife is blowing my mind here……


phone pics over Greenland last week. now mildly obsessed with visiting in the future.


That third photo is stunning.

I’m another who also harbours desires to visit Greenland. Seems so fascinating.


Great stuff being shared here! A few of mine from a recent trip to Oregon:


A bit more mundane than the posts above mine! however - it’s that time of year when sunrises and sunsets are at a convenient time (I’m a very lazy photographer - all my shots are where I am right then - never make any effort to go take pictures)


sometimes photography so strongly reminds me how much depends on the light at that moment

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