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another part of the world (Lake Michigan)


sprinkler in the botanic gardens

big basin details

lake anza heron


Mount Sibillini. I was already about 1600m up for this after a fairly hairy drive; my legs decided they were not interested in the full 2500 to get to the peak. But I liked the view (and remembering how to photography).


Kadok 400 tx b&w



aaaaahhhhhh don’t start me posting flower photos


Can you describe a bit about how you took these?


I haven’t been motivated to shoot at all this year but this past week I got the itch to get back out. Went back to this dam in northern MD that’s home to a huge population of Bald Eagles and got some of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken:


Really beautiful!!
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Sure! These were all taken with a Leica Digilux 2 (which has a 35mm equivlent zoom range of 28-90mm) using the in-camera black and white jpeg setting. In post, I only adjusted the contrast slightly. The first three were taken from a boat in Crater Lake, the 4th and 5th were taken from the water’s edge in Crater Lake, the next three were at Hobbit Beach, and the last on a boat tour in Depoe Bay. That boat was moving a lot, so it was impossible to get the horizon level. Thanks!


Thanks for the details! Some of them felt familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I spent a few days at Crater Lake a few years back. Really an amazing place!

That default b/w setting really has a lot of personality!


santa monica sunset


I went on a mini road-trip recently to Yalgorup National Park. There was an incoming storm and I just loved the colours when this happens:


The deepness on the blacks in this are great. Beautiful pictures!


we went camping for the first time in three years. different w/ a two year old! this was a little east of san jose, nothing challenging.


Autumn* light is good light!

*Fall :slight_smile:


There aren’t many trees
that have changed colors here yet;
most just go straight brown


So many amazing photos in this thread. Really inspiring stuff. I’ll share a couple as well. First two are at my home, the third is at Zion Nat’l park. All iPhone photos.


again, such a wonderful eye for what is most native to this area, most near and most enduring…

while I know this may not be the sense you intend, I am reminded of Du Fu “The nation shattered, mountains and rivers remain” (; that is, no matter how much upheaval this area has undergone, somewhere, even if only in a tiny sliver, the native landscape still endures, proudly resisting assimilation into any totality (the more general idea behind “nation” or “state”). Yet precisely because of this resistance to assimilation, this very landscape often escapes our notice, despite that it is often most near…