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another part of the world (Lake Michigan)


sprinkler in the botanic gardens

big basin details

lake anza heron


Mount Sibillini. I was already about 1600m up for this after a fairly hairy drive; my legs decided they were not interested in the full 2500 to get to the peak. But I liked the view (and remembering how to photography).


Kadok 400 tx b&w



aaaaahhhhhh don’t start me posting flower photos


Can you describe a bit about how you took these?


I haven’t been motivated to shoot at all this year but this past week I got the itch to get back out. Went back to this dam in northern MD that’s home to a huge population of Bald Eagles and got some of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken:


Really beautiful!!
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Sure! These were all taken with a Leica Digilux 2 (which has a 35mm equivlent zoom range of 28-90mm) using the in-camera black and white jpeg setting. In post, I only adjusted the contrast slightly. The first three were taken from a boat in Crater Lake, the 4th and 5th were taken from the water’s edge in Crater Lake, the next three were at Hobbit Beach, and the last on a boat tour in Depoe Bay. That boat was moving a lot, so it was impossible to get the horizon level. Thanks!


Thanks for the details! Some of them felt familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I spent a few days at Crater Lake a few years back. Really an amazing place!

That default b/w setting really has a lot of personality!


santa monica sunset


I went on a mini road-trip recently to Yalgorup National Park. There was an incoming storm and I just loved the colours when this happens:


The deepness on the blacks in this are great. Beautiful pictures!


we went camping for the first time in three years. different w/ a two year old! this was a little east of san jose, nothing challenging.


Autumn* light is good light!

*Fall :slight_smile:


There aren’t many trees
that have changed colors here yet;
most just go straight brown


So many amazing photos in this thread. Really inspiring stuff. I’ll share a couple as well. First two are at my home, the third is at Zion Nat’l park. All iPhone photos.