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Late flowers in the park


Ohh looks gorgeous, what do you think of cinestill ? Been meaning to try it :evergreen_tree:



laguna beach


Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing – which city is it?


Manchester in the UK ( was there to see Low - who were astonishingly good)


Love seeing everyone’s nature inspirations, so many talented photographers in this forum!

Started working in a Photo Lab this month which has gotten me shooting film again…

First roll ran through my Yashica Mat in a few years ~ fog rolled in over the ocean for quite a scene.

(Fuji 400H 120mm)


These are very pretty :evergreen_tree:


I :heart: autumn, the top picture was taken today and the picture below is from a week ago.


we get the sunrise most mornings (fog depending). it was rising just north behind the Presidio for the summer but is now back in prime viewing position.


My wife’s mad for European squirrels and she’s quick enough with her camera to catch them.

You know that Autumn is really there when the squirrels get tufted ears.


i like moss


been thinking about Hawai’i a lot recently after going back for a few days to introduce our baby to the rest of her family. such an amazing place and will always be home/where the roots are - though I cant imagine moving back again?

Been looking at these with the IRL backdrop of leaves turning and falling and the uncertainty of what kind of fall/winter it’ll be here in my relatively new-ish home of Seattle.


Alisa Craig, sunset on the forth of clyde


a duck so perfect it looks fake


A few tourist snaps from my holiday to California a month ago…


A few, quite varied:



Outside my window, on a rainy morning.