Need help with motu live input into grainfields

trying to get live input into the buffers in grainfields. my setup is:

mac osx 10.13.3
running grainfields in max 7.3.4
motu microbook ii audio interface

with this same hardware i can get live input into mlrv. as well i can record live input into grainfields through the built in microphone on the laptop. so it seems like its a software problem i’m having, obviously not doing something right.

in grainfields i make sure the speaker icon is turned on under the words master settings. also the X next to play is clicked on. i open the audio & osc settings and choose motu microbook ii under input. as well i make sure the audio status is turned on. my sound device is confirmed working into the microbook, and i can see input led levels jumping accordingly on the microbook. i checked all the channels for it on the cue fx software which runs the microbook, and it should by all accounts be feeding into the computer.

i can play prerecorded samples no problem in grainfields. but when i go to record into the buffer i get an absolutely flat line, i don’t see any waveforms, and hear no incoming audio. is there anything obvious that it seems i might be missing here? thanks for any suggestions you can give!

post a screenshot of your settings?

so confused, tried again for about a half hour to see what’s going on. everything else working inside this app and outside with mlrv and the motu otherwise… but just no live input to this app from the motu for some reason.

Interesting - I have the opposite problem with this setup. It works fine with Grainfields but not MLRV? I actually gave up on it

ah. can you post a mlrv setup shot?