Need some new headphones

So I need some new portable headphones, will mainly use them while commuting to/from work, but would love for them to double up as small lightweight headphones when doing simple field recordings etc. So, closed or semi-open, fold-able, lightweight and not too expensive, 100-200 euros…

Any advice?

I have Sennheiser HD 25. They are absolutely great. The only downside is that when I wear them too long the pressure on my ears is starting to cause some fatigue or even starting to hurt.

Here’s a link to a random review:


way out of the price range, but i was recently highly recommended these:

mixing with headphones has always been problematic for me, and these were said to be mix-worthy trustable, etc


I’m a massive fan of the HD-25s, but use them mostly in the studio. For commuting and leisure I like a totally unrealistic bass and sparkly highs, none of this “as it was recorded” bs. I’ve currently got a pair of Skullcandy Crushers for this purpose that are great fun.

That said, as far as “recommending” headphones, I think everyone’s ears and needs are so different, the best thing you can do is spend an couple of hours going around a few stores where you can try on different headphones and take a listen to the same recording that you know well on every pair.

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The headphone discussion in this thread might be helpful:


Might be a bit bigger than you’re looking for, but I can highly recommend the Audio Technica M50’s. For the price their performance can’t be beat in my experience. Non fatiguing, comfortable, great extension, balanced and detailed sound without hype. I use them in my studio work all the time.

Oh and as @tehn (sorta) says, mixing on headphones is sucky. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it no matter how nice your headphones are. The total separation of each ear does weird things to our psychoacoustic perception of a mix.

I use the Sennheiser PX 200-II on my daily commute. They’re light, relatively inexpensive, sound great, and can fold up to put in to my small shoulder bag when I’m not wearing them.

I should also point out that I bought mine > 5 years ago, and when the pads and cups started to wear out this year from a lot of use, it was easy to order replacements from Sennheiser for not a whole ton of money.

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Sony MDR7506. Relative compact, good isolation, I’ve worn them for hours on location without discomfort, very unbiased sound, although I’m not a professional sound engineer. The only negative side in my experience is that the cups tend to come off very easily in field recording situations - I just duck tape them to the shells.

And - they’re cheap.

Really happy with my ex-29 ‘extreme isolation’ headphones

  • they sound good at least, though probably not the right thing for mixing/critical listening
  • block unwanted outside sound incredibly well (successfully used them to retain some shreds of sanity in an office with shared sound system)
  • seem to be indestructible (over 2 years of careless daily use with no mechanical issues)
  • they’re not too dear
  • much more comfortable than they look, especially compared to the ludicrously expensive and prohibitively heavy audeze ex-29 I’ve been using for critical listening at work…

Well I guess they look kind of clunky, though have to admit I have a weird soft spot for gear that looks like crap but does it’s job super well…

For commuting I use Sennheiser PX 100-II. Inexpensive, foldable, small, on-ear…and comfortable to wear with glasses.

Yeah I noticed that post, but felt it would be to clutter it with discussions about headphones to use on the commute and not for studio work. But there was a lot of great recommendations there.

I’m an earbuds person for commuting because I live in a cold place and wear hats - I have gone through a lot and Klipsch s4 and shure 215’s are both good.

I currently use the Audio Technica ATH M50X. The cable is replaceable so I can opt for a shorter cable on the go and a longer cable in the studio. The cable also locks in so you don’t have to worry about it falling in out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the good advice here! Will take a look at the px200 I think, feels like a perfect replacement for my old K420. I’ve been insanely happy with how the K420 played along when abusing them every day for three or four years, they didn’t even complain after I misplaced them out in the garden during a couple of rainy days. That’s how I treat my headphones I use for commuting and listening to podcasts, so I don’t want to place too much money on something that might end up under the mulch in the garden. :slight_smile:

Update: Ended up with a pair of PX200-II I found on sale, very cheap, sounds very nice and might end up buying a newer version of them with the iPhone-controls instead of the volume pot…

Thanks again for great advice!

Have you heard them? They’ve got a good spiel.

These look great. Have you been able to try them? Curious about the smaller 4000s as well.

I’m reviving this thread as I am in search of some headphones, but I am looking for decent earbuds with volume control/microphone for use with a phone, ideally for under $50.

mostly I’ll be using them for listening, but I am also aiming to move towards using a headset for talking on the phone, too, and only want one set of portable headphones as I have AKG K240 Studios (that I love!) and use when at home.

any tips? I saw @declutter’s earbud recommendations but figure that there might be new/other options over the past couple years.

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