Need website help

I’m looking for a contract web developer to help me with the Madrona Labs website. Rails experience needed. Please email me at randy at and send a link to something you made.

If you can tell me why my forums page at (for example) is so extremely slow in Safari, you’re probably a good person to do the work! [EDIT] Sorted, thanks to Max at futureprüf for the tip!

If you want to tell me “Rails sucks, we should rewrite the site in X,” I am sympathetic to that, but there is a bunch of short-term change I need to happen incrementally before such a thing could be contemplated. So, Rails.

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I know a batch of good folks in Pittsburgh. Let me see if any of them is interested.

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So many characters.

Likewise, I reached out or my friend who has experience to see if he’d be interested as well.

I’m pretty busy, otherwise I’d volunteer - but regardless, will drop you a line privately.