*nested* + less concepts: album + cellular automata sequencer (norns, Mac)


hey everyone, real quick: funds received from pre-orders will be donated to http://www.transgenderlegal.org

maths (so far):
$193 generated
-$35 bandcamp + processing fees
-$57 shipping (15 US + 2 int’l order)
= $101 donated

if for any reason you do not wish to have your payment donated, then let me know through DM. please note that I will cover that amount personally, so as not to detract from an energy I wish to contribute to.

(chicago friends: if you’d prefer in-person delivery, plz lmk if you’d like the $3 shipping donated or returned to you.)

please reach out through DM with any questions.



Very excited about this one! And the donation too :heart_eyes:



you are soooo fucking awesome! :unicorn:



Thanks for sharing this. Very excited to listen to the whole thing!

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deeply appreciate the kind words, all. grateful for the pre-orders thus far. :sparkles:

icymi, here is a quick teaser for the app, featuring a drum kit I found on Reddit (and a bit of Aalto) played by less concepts. the video is primarily flashing colors:



Ordered! Thank you for the donation as well.
I’m really curious to see some of the teletype scenes for this. The only example I can find is by @sliderule (which I think you helpfully crossposted elsewhere here)
CHAOS Operators



we’re live, y’all!

less concepts app: https://github.com/dndrks/less_concepts
less concepts album: http://dndrks.bandcamp.com

thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered the album. it is staggering how this community operates so naturally w/ support + care. :revolving_hearts:

re: app, I’ve already noticed some weird visual stuff running on an 11" MacBook Air. nothing too bad, nothing that impedes functionality.

please share any questions or hiccups here. I’ll be putting together a less cheeky tutorial video in the next two weeks.



the core is pretty much this:

Y SCALE 0 255 0 13 X
CV 1 N PN 0 Y

and insert two octaves of a chosen musical scale in the first Tracker column (e.g. 0 2 4 5 7 9 11 12 14 16 17 19 21 23). in this example, we’re scaling the range of CHAOS’s returns (which is usually 0 to 255) down to 0 to 13. lately, I like filling the whole column with notes and dynamically assigning scaling range.

call it with this:

$ 1
IF BGET Y _: TR.P 1 # fill the blank with any number 1-8
IF BGET Y _: TR.P 2 # fill the blank with another number, 1-8
Z SCALE 0 16383 0 2 PARAM # performative gesture
CV.OFF 1 V Z # jumps octaves on demand

the BGET lines work as triggers for gates. for the album, these typically opened a DPLPG that was gating an oscillating 3 Sis (usually, just Center multed but sometimes I like using one gated channel for the High output to FM the final stage filter [which was another 3 Sis]).

I like this rule + seed + tempo combo as a starting point:

M 190

please lmk if you have any questions!


Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

okay but listening to this, I’m pretty sure you do have a hoverboard after all! congrats!

ETA – Q: talk to me about the bitcrush’d sound on they swam with their moms!

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brilliant! thanks, @Dan_Derks this is very kind of you to share this.
i’m going to spend some time exploring this.

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that is a pre-Cranes m4l sampling device I couldn’t sort the UI for general release, but will. long story short, it uses @Rodrigo’s freakishly specific + deep emulations of different digital hardware devices. Rodrigo shows the FX here in this video from July 2016 (and available here):

I can’t remember what the exact settings I used on that track, but that’s all the more reason to dig in, yourself!



oh wow, thank you Dan and @Rodrigo!! excited to tear this apart; it seems a lot more fun than going * 256. -> ceil -> / 256. in gen~

Ahhhh but in the end it’s “just” degrade~ :rofl: A good sign that I’m on the right track!



YES. I asked you about this and totally forgot about it. need to add to anaphora



Is anaphora yr Grid Modular ThingTM?



it was but now it isn’t

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this is too good u big genius idiot



In that patch it’s “just” degrade~ but the version in TPV and other software does a few more options/flavors of bitcrush (including the truncating version, though pre-gen~, so using trunc~. There’s some bitwise manipulation stuff too, and some mp3-ish compression (though that doesn’t work in 64-bit Max anymore unfortunately.

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Absolutely loving this album thank you!

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omg somehow this time listening on my laptop speakers the angle must be just right because the panning effects are WORKING

what a … concept xD



tybg for Sage Kim, my engineer. cannot recommend her highly enough – she surfaced so many forgotten shades and crafted a very well-balanced master. I’m so humbled + thankful for your listening :sparkles: :slight_smile: :sparkles: