*nested* + less concepts: album + cellular automata sequencer (norns, Mac)


deeply appreciate the kind words, all. grateful for the pre-orders thus far. :sparkles:

icymi, here is a quick teaser for the app, featuring a drum kit I found on Reddit (and a bit of Aalto) played by less concepts. the video is primarily flashing colors:


Ordered! Thank you for the donation as well.
I’m really curious to see some of the teletype scenes for this. The only example I can find is by @sliderule (which I think you helpfully crossposted elsewhere here)
CHAOS Operators


we’re live, y’all!

less concepts app: https://github.com/dndrks/less_concepts
less concepts album: http://dndrks.bandcamp.com

thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered the album. it is staggering how this community operates so naturally w/ support + care. :revolving_hearts:

re: app, I’ve already noticed some weird visual stuff running on an 11" MacBook Air. nothing too bad, nothing that impedes functionality.

please share any questions or hiccups here. I’ll be putting together a less cheeky tutorial video in the next two weeks.


the core is pretty much this:

Y SCALE 0 255 0 13 X
CV 1 N PN 0 Y

and insert two octaves of a chosen musical scale in the first Tracker column (e.g. 0 2 4 5 7 9 11 12 14 16 17 19 21 23). in this example, we’re scaling the range of CHAOS’s returns (which is usually 0 to 255) down to 0 to 13. lately, I like filling the whole column with notes and dynamically assigning scaling range.

call it with this:

$ 1
IF BGET Y _: TR.P 1 # fill the blank with any number 1-8
IF BGET Y _: TR.P 2 # fill the blank with another number, 1-8
Z SCALE 0 16383 0 2 PARAM # performative gesture
CV.OFF 1 V Z # jumps octaves on demand

the BGET lines work as triggers for gates. for the album, these typically opened a DPLPG that was gating an oscillating 3 Sis (usually, just Center multed but sometimes I like using one gated channel for the High output to FM the final stage filter [which was another 3 Sis]).

I like this rule + seed + tempo combo as a starting point:

M 190

please lmk if you have any questions!

Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

okay but listening to this, I’m pretty sure you do have a hoverboard after all! congrats!

ETA – Q: talk to me about the bitcrush’d sound on they swam with their moms!


brilliant! thanks, @Dan_Derks this is very kind of you to share this.
i’m going to spend some time exploring this.


that is a pre-Cranes m4l sampling device I couldn’t sort the UI for general release, but will. long story short, it uses @Rodrigo’s freakishly specific + deep emulations of different digital hardware devices. Rodrigo shows the FX here in this video from July 2016 (and available here):

I can’t remember what the exact settings I used on that track, but that’s all the more reason to dig in, yourself!


oh wow, thank you Dan and @Rodrigo!! excited to tear this apart; it seems a lot more fun than going * 256. -> ceil -> / 256. in gen~

Ahhhh but in the end it’s “just” degrade~ :rofl: A good sign that I’m on the right track!


YES. I asked you about this and totally forgot about it. need to add to anaphora


Is anaphora yr Grid Modular ThingTM?


it was but now it isn’t


this is too good u big genius idiot


In that patch it’s “just” degrade~ but the version in TPV and other software does a few more options/flavors of bitcrush (including the truncating version, though pre-gen~, so using trunc~. There’s some bitwise manipulation stuff too, and some mp3-ish compression (though that doesn’t work in 64-bit Max anymore unfortunately.


Absolutely loving this album thank you!


omg somehow this time listening on my laptop speakers the angle must be just right because the panning effects are WORKING

what a … concept xD


tybg for Sage Kim, my engineer. cannot recommend her highly enough – she surfaced so many forgotten shades and crafted a very well-balanced master. I’m so humbled + thankful for your listening :sparkles: :slight_smile: :sparkles:


my oh my, what would I ever do with THAT link :thinking:


real quick: going to be shipping tapes on Tuesday! so so so grateful for the orders and very big apologies for the delays – had originally intended to dub by hand, but my tape deck proved out of whack and I had to (was lucky to) put in an order with duplication.ca

all arrived recently, sounding primo and it all feels real (:sunny:) but that process pushed back ship date by a few days.


finally got around to listening to this today and holy cow there are some DELICIOUS sounds on this album, congrats @Dan_Derks !

in particular i LOVE those pingy sine tones during the second half of hoverboard, and the entire track of “his name is squeeze” is pure sonic candy, I love it. would love to hear a bit about how you made those sounds on both tracks!


slight bit of a weird place to drop this but due to the above conversation I went ahead and wrapped the saturation part of @Rodrigo’s modes into a quick m4l device last night.