*nested* + less concepts: album + cellular automata sequencer (norns, Mac)


Will this be making its way to dust for the less technically inclined (comme moi)?


submitted a merge request a day or two ago, it’ll creep in eventually :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan - I have a sense there are many great things percolating in advance of the next update, so I’m happy to be patient.


Hey Dan, I’ve left a few comments to your PR, please take a look when you have a moment. A general review of global/local variables and functions would be a cool improvement.


love these notes. i’m never sure what should be local — as a learning-code-through-norns person, this is really helpful. i probably should’ve sent it through the code review thread first, apologies. but i really appreciate your time and attention to it.

  • nested is released!
  • less concepts for norns has undergone cleanup + bug fixes and is pending approval (edit: approved)!
  • top post edited for historical clarity!

:revolving_hearts: to you all


Congrats Dan! Your work ethic inspires me.


Damn that Animal sounds gorgeous. Thanks for sharing @Dan_Derks! Wonderful release.


thank you @Jonny and @Benjamin_Mauch for the kind words and support :revolving_hearts:

for those interested, here are some nested codes to redeem on bandcamp!

  • kca8-glcq
  • njft-3jst
  • m9d3-h6cb
  • 9t45-vy4w
  • 3upf-63vs
  • w59x-g4zd
  • c8th-uqyh
  • snup-ez2v
  • sw58-3g49
  • ujkc-b7j2

need a code? PM! happy to help :slight_smile:


Nested is such a cute lil snack! I keep listening through and being hungry for more—and then I go back to Less Concepts. Great work!


thanks @alanza, that is very sweet :slight_smile: (stoked to do the same with your work nudge nudge)

i’m still unpacking lessons from working with that system for the two hours i was able. it completely shifted my patching approach.


Thanks ! Downloaded it, awesome [lesser] concept, and great execution in that :slight_smile: the overall sound and texture is as pleasant than the melodic and harmonic flow :slight_smile:


Thank you Dan! listening now


Sounds great! Love the bass tones all over this.
That last track is amazing :seedling:


that NTO, Wave Multipliers and VCFQ combo is something else. it was really exciting to sequence with the less concepts app because it allowed the TKB to be completely free during the patch – multing out to make timbral changes in sequence with the notes, but not related 1:1, was so much fun.


Wow, Thank you! I really dig this release. It has such a great tone and the sequencing is so organic. Plus the beautiful cover art!



suitcasedog on point :slight_smile:

thank you so much for the kind words, @Leverkusen – I’m grateful you’re enjoying it!


@Dan_Derks been listening to nested and I really enjoy it. My favorite things are the drippy robot voice sound on track 3, and the ducking side-chain-ish sound on the last track. Can I ask how you achieved those?


finally got a grid yesterday and ended up beautifully lost in less concepts (norns) for hours. amazing work, very thankful to have this available as I plan on spending a lot of time with it!


ohhhhhh dope dope dope. thank u for letting me know — please share any explorations you land on :slight_smile:

are you playing with midi or the internal engine?