Net - Biofilm (Sounds Against Humanity SAH042)

  1. Settle biofilm
  2. Nepasmoulder
  3. Hymnstix
  4. Brookfizz alone
  5. Throbhymn
  6. Grithymn vowel
  7. Brook Nepa
  8. Settle monosquelch
  9. Brook throbrub
  10. Seethin’ evenin’ and the velveclucks
  11. Groom Chessfluff
  12. Mossed surm
  13. Velvedew heaves
  14. Savoured saint

Cassette + laminated photo / digital

Tired of that crispy, squelchy pt2399 delay sound? Then this album is not for you! :melting_face:

This album came together quickly between June and September 2020. A difficult period for lots of reasons!

All but two of the tracks here are excerpts from long recordings of mono or stereo autonomous patches in which a Sloth DK scrubbed extremely slowly through selected samples. The scrub then went through series or parallel degradation caused by several pt2399 delays. In most cases I would set up the sample and delay modulation (if any), begin recording and leave the room. I would return up to an hour later to examine the results. This hands-off approach helped me to get things done. It was exciting!

This album owes most of its sonic character and methods to those artefact-ridden delays, balanced as they were on the edge of signal breakdown. The intention was to generate interesting textures evocative, even if only romantically, of organic environments. The sounds reminded me of complex, intimate micro-sound field recordings; the hydrophonics of the grubby brown Finnish brooks near my home, clogged with leaves and slippery with biofilm (whence the title). I love to sit and peer into the water at everything that dwells within, taking photos such as the one used as the cover art (Nepa cinerea). It’s a filthy, clean, secretive world those critters are in.

After struggling to think of good titles I named them all quickly one night while drunk. They are silly and impulsive but sincere, mixing references to samples with reflexive descriptive or emotional associations. I think I am a silly but sincere person so I’m satisfied with them.

Equipment etc.
  • Sample scrubs: MTM Radio Music, Mungo g0
  • Scrub modulation: Nonlinearcircuits Sloth DK
  • pt2399 delays: Nonlinearcircuits Dispersion Delay, Delay No More 3
  • Envelopes: Nonlinearcircuits Tracky Dacks
  • Other chaotic modulation: unremembered Nonlinearcircuits
  • Other sampling: SDS Digital Reflex LiveLoop, Mungo g0
  • DAW channel strip: Ableton

Unlike the others, tracks 10 and 12 overdub recordings (two each). One of those in track 10 isn’t scrubbed but a previous sample unrelated to the project. And neither recording in track 12 has anything to do with the patches mentioned above; it’s an older thing made with mainly an SDS Reflex LiveLoop I used to have. It too always did remind me of brook hydrophonics so I felt it seemed to fit into this collection.

Mastered by Dino Spiluttini. So many thanks to Edoardo at Sounds Against Humanity for releasing this. :heart:

Here are some download codes!


Thanks so much for listening, and if possible for checking out the rest of Sounds Against Humanity’s catalogue. It’s an excellent label.


thank you, I have enjoyed looking at pictures of these systems of yours for awhile, excited to hear them.

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Thank you for sharing ! Looking forward to listening to it tonight.
Code je3x-6t5j claimed!

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grabbed 2rgp-hg3k

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Ohh, liking it already! Thanks for sharing. I took the code above for a deeper dive.

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Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the sample track, and your workflow rundown.

I used 85mx-wjtj

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