Netlabel l.llllllll summary


i’m not super into the subscription model for patreon.

anyone have experience with other legit solutions for this? i’d like to steer clear of paypal.


web search on 'ways to pay friends

seen kids use venmo, looks like it’s usa only
maybe someone knows more…


is there yet talk of “curators” and multiple entries or multiple releases? is there organization or discussion of the 2 curators discussing…desired artist releases? is there a list for musicians/artists to publicly state their willingness or desire to release? if not all that seems a bit mystical and please pardon my ignorance as i have been trying to keep up on all these fantastic developments but surely have lost some of the info as it looks like pushing half a doz threads about this and that (fuck yeah!!! re: enthusiasm)

i would love to do a release (and more) and i also need to team up with somebody as i 100% know of at least 1 artist immediately i would want to be involved with on the curation end (and beyond for sure!!!).



Several threads going about this now, hopefully I’ve selected the proper one to post this…

What do you guys think about having a provision for people to submit works? The way it reads to me now is one must be approached by two curators first. I suppose if someone wanted a release bad enough they could figure out who some curators are and approach them but maybe some sort of open bucket system would be beneficial as well.

Project curators are added to some sort of shared system where an artist could privately submit a demo for consideration. The curators then as a group could listen and decide if it’s something they want to work with or not, and volunteer to take the project on, or not.

Just a thought, hopefully it hasn’t been raised already and I’ve missed it.


agreed, there needs to be a method for

  • artists indicating their interest in doing a release
  • curators looking for a co-curator for a specific project

these could be handled with separate threads. perhaps with some sort of basic form for each.


I would be down with helping out with the open submission portion of the project. Although being as I’m new here I totally understand if someone else needs to do it so I’m not going to just start a thread unless directed. I’m not the most tech savvy of the bunch here but I’m down to start a thread and am capable of setting up a rudimentary system. Just putting that out there.


yes, strongly supporting this, too.
we need to think about ways to “pair” artists and curators.
the way i think about these pairings really is that it has to create a mutual relationship on eye level.
not curators blessing an artist by reaching out unilaterally, but both parties being engaged in joint conversation and stimulation to arrive at the best release the artist can achieve.


well, this is the hard part. it seems to me that netlabels quit when the work burden is overwhelming, so community-curation is away of overcoming this.

by members self-selecting others to work with and artists, they effectively play the same role as a standard solo netlabel leader. so subjecting the pairings to a second layer of evaluation seems very complex to navigate.

also any additional barriers would possibly slow the flow of releases down enough to miss a one per month release, which then pushes the label into lesser relevance.

i know the releases will be of varying aesthetic inclinations as a result, but i’m confident that the quality will remain high, as the committed members of this community all want to see the community represented positively.

we can of course refine the process as we go, if needed.

to get started, i’m figuring i should start a new forum category, and a couple threads as a foundation. there are clearly some issues still to work out (payment systems, exclusivity period, etc). and then of course the technical web site stuff @jasonw22 how’s it going?


I’m working on some mockups that try to extend @laborcamp’s style guidance to include artwork, titles, text, a donation button, and a discussion button. Shouldn’t take too much longer.


Jason, respect for all the hard work you’re putting into this!


Agreed! I’m inspired by yours and others motivation and talent :grin:


Absolutely concur. Great work @jasonw22.


You guys are sweet. I’m having a blast. :slight_smile:


thoughts on licensing? would be cool to have the releases be available under CC-BY or CC-BY-SA perhaps.


There’s some talk about an exclusivity period which would mean that the release would also be available on another (possibly paid platform). So I think we might need the NC tag as well. To prevent commercial use of the tracks.


i feel like there should be some flexibility to let the artist decide on licensing. especially if we’re committed to the idea of the releases being free and exclusive to the netlabel for the first month.


[quote=“ingMob, post:37, topic:5096”]
i feel like there should be some flexibility to let the artist decide on licensing.
[/quote]this is something I care about

I could live with someone else choosing but basically the same “license” applies to all my music


Should the artist’s chosen license be visible on the site?


let each curator-artist team choose

what I plan to do for mine is include details in the thread discussing the album will just have the release


Titles and artworks always meant the world to me, but having a space where I would suddenly be denied those two things, just because it’s “the rule” could be somewhat liberating, and end up as something very nice that could push to new horizons (what’s left when our music is denied a “context”? In a way it reminds me of this more extreme approach for litterature ) which I think would make sense with the very minimal aspect of the “lines” as the main symbol of the netlabel and also would fit quite well within the very elegant simplicity and humility that (to me at least) defines the lines community.