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The art vs commerce thing isn’t so cut and dry. Artists still rely on their work to make a living, and doing so doesn’t have to compromise the work. There are many interesting models that still involve people paying for art in a healthy way.

I’m ok with this endeavour being free to access, but there are people in this community who try to make some portion of their living through their art and music. For them (myself included) it will be a trade off to participate in a label like this vs release the music ourselves where it has the chance to contribute to our income.


If it isn’t this tradeoff, it’s the other one: “as a label runner, which artists should I work with to increase the chances of our label’s economic success?”

Contrast that with our current model, which involves community-driven curation with purely artistic intent. While there are many avenues for commercial music distribution, there aren’t many l.lllllllll in the world. netlabel

also happy to help on any front-end related tasks/QA’ing/whatever you need!


Yes, totally agree. And a lot of the music I contribute to thing here (like Disquiet etc) is different than what I release on Bandcamp… or is more about experimentation that may lead to an “official” release at some point.

I love the idea of a net label that supports experimentation and doesn’t have to worry about commerce at all. On the same note, it is worth surfacing the potential economic issues and questions that will come up at some point.

More music is always a good thing, and if we want to work together to create something unique and free then that’s awesome. I’m all for it and will definitely participate in whatever way I’m able.


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