Neuro... No Neuro | compartments | Mille Plateaux, 2023

New @NeuroNoNeuro ‘compartments’ album out on @MillePlateaux! All created in Renoise, including most audio sources, the rest synthesized elsewhere. I find a ton of resources on more esoteric topics here at (granular/FM/field recording, etc.). Album available on @bandcamp @boomkat @bleep @newtone_records amongst others. All ‘@’ are links to various info/shops.

Mille Plateaux was the label that hooked me on this compositional method way back in the year 2000, found one of their compilations - Various Artists - Clicks_+_Cuts (Full Album, 2000, Glitch, Germany) - YouTube - for sale at a Tower Records (soon to close afterwards). Really made for a great end/start to 2022/2023. No small thanks to Audiobulb Records for giving me the leg up to even get here!


Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

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Happy to share! With their encouragement, I was able to work the Renoise DAW in a way that I wasn’t used to - really pushed that software, and got some wonderful results.