New Aalto / Kaivo clock sync demo

This is something I just wrote, but it’s not in a released update yet. I’m excited because I have been working to improve this capability off and on for a few years, and I think I’ve finally nailed it.

The video shows a software PLL (phase locked loop) in Aalto’s sequencer syncing to the host clock. The PLL is great for live performance because you can change the host ratio interactively, and at any small whole-number ratio it syncs to the incoming clock with a smooth change in tempo.

In a future version of Aalto / Kaivo there will probably be a parameter to choose how quickly the PLL locks into the incoming signal. Right now the tempo changes quickly enough that it is never obvious—it just feels like it’s doing the right thing. But the sound of it locking onto the host clock over a longer time is a really useful compositional effect.

The PLL object is in my public repo at .


that sounds AMAZING sir

Woah indeed! And thanks a ton for sharing the code!

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