New Album: Strandloper. Buchla Music Easel, Cocoquantus 2, Field Recordings

For your listening pleasure:

For this release, I made use of a library of field recordings from remote locations (mostly island and coastal in Northern Hemisphere). These are processed through the Cocoquantus and/or MLR with Grids.

On to of this I’m layering the Buchla Music Easel - sometimes many layers to get the textures I want.

I’m also using lots of different delay lines, synced to a clock but set to different divisions.

Thanks for listening. I hope there’s something here you like.



Hey, is this only on bandcamp? Preview track got my attention, gotta check out the whole thing.

Thanks very much for listening. It is only in Bandcamp, currently. I know the main streaming services are where most people go to these days but I can’t bring myself to fall in with them.


This is really good! I’m listening right now. I like how you’ve created your counterpoint using the delay lines. Did you multilayer first and then passed that through the delay lines, was it the other way around, or did you create the texture using multiple instances of the Easel > delays ?

Thank you for listening and for your encouraging comments.

I got into the habit of always preserving the pure signal from the synths and mixing in 100% wet signals for the delays and reverbs on tracks of their own. This allows me much greater control of the overall composition. It also makes it much easier to backtrack if I overcook things :slight_smile:

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Just bought it, it’s wonderful!

Just in case you didn’t know, you can check out the whole thing by clicking the title of it in the player.

I haven’t finished a first listen yet, but I’m really enjoying this, thanks! Popped on the wishlist for when I’m feeling less overwhelmed with new releases (who am I kidding? there are always more releases coming out than I can keep up with, but I try to sit with music purchases for a bit before buying another load…)

I haven’t got to the end yet, but one thing I’m enjoying is some tracks have a lot more energy than you might expect if someone said “synths and field recordings, with no beats”. Like, the bass pedal in the third track creates a lot of movement (perhaps because it immediately takes me to the bassline of Portishead’s Glory Box! :slight_smile:) and the main guitar-like sounds on the next track are pretty lively.

my question was about the album being available (or not) on other streaming platforms :slight_smile: Of course I know about clicking all kinds of things online)

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I took a listen and Flores resinated with me the most it is a great song and the paired field recording goes great with it.

Thank you very much for listening. The handheld field recorder is up there with the best bits of kit I’ve ever bought.

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Is Flores named after the island? I thought of it while listening just now, having watched a short film of the same name last week

Flores in the strong textAzores, yes. I used some field recordings I took from there and Pico Island

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Ah cool! They look like amazing islands and is a great track

This is just lovely! I really like how “Whalefall” develops, both melody and structure-wise. Did you post-process the sounds of Cocoquantus in any way?

Thank you for your kind comments. There isn’t much post processing going on. I recorded the two mono channels of the Coco on separate tracks and had a third stereo send track into a Strymon Blue Sky reverb on 100% wet. I bounced it at that point and then added this along side a synth drone in a separate project.

After that it was just eqing. The default is a pretty severe low cut and a high cut on the very top end. A little compression at the mastering stage seems to bring the Coco forward a touch.

This album is magic. Great work.

Thank you Florenz. That’s very kind.

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I have the last few physical copies left on a very limited run of CDs but the code works on digital downloads also.

I released Strandloper earlier this year, mostly using a small setup of Buchla, Ciat-Lombarde, Monome and fields recordings from remote coastal locations.

Of course, you are also very welcome to listen for free.

Enjoy :slight_smile: