New album - Tyler Martin - Coast Notes from the SF Bay - pop with Octatrack and Modular

My good friend and collaborator and I were starting to work on new music in early 2020. Though we lived just one neighborhood away from each other (Ravenna and Wallingford for all you Seattle-ites) when lockdown started we moved to a remote collaborative mode.

I sent him skeletons of songs, he sent back compositions with drums and wild noises, I added synths and twists, he mixed it amazingly. In the middle of this my partner and I moved across the country!

Normally this would be the end of a project, but Geoff and I kept working at it. No longer a sardine in the apartment worried about what the downstairs neighbors would think about my lyrics, I got to rerecord my vocals in my new basement/studio.

Our album is called Rip the Calendar, a grab bag of warped pop/rock and it’s on Bandcamp for free download!

For the gear curious I used mostly Yamaha Refaces for synths and everything I played on guitar or bass went though the Elektron Analog Heat.


New album out today! Free download.

Coast Notes from the SF Bay, made with an Octatrack, a shared system, the Digitone, and some guitars.

These songs are about a time in my life when I lived in Santa Cruz CA and kept getting pulled up the coast on wild errands to every beach you could imagine. The track ‘Muir’ is probably the most lines-y Enjoy!

New album out today! Free Download.

Murmur Group, grimy home-recorded pop made with an Elektron drum machine (can’t remember which one), a couple of monosynths (can’t remember which ones), a Nord Electro and bass and guitar. Contains one or two dusty country western touches, a couple of odes to late night college radio when the DJs have total freedom and three old songs hidden inside of new songs. 90 minutes of music! Good for a road trip through suspicious weather or painting the house.

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New album out today! Free download.

Distortion Band was made last year in Greensboro, NC. Part of a trio of attenuated albums, I used a simple iterative process to come up with a list of song titles and wrote from there.

It contains a few scummy synths, some rapid drum machines and a couple of splashed out guitar solos. Plenty of lyrics too: I sing about Brownian motion, deep sea vents, and getting to know the local bugs.

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New album out! 0$+

This album is called Automatic Twist and the first song is a 20 minute fantasy epic where 10 of my musical idol couples come to my and my wifes wedding. Who are the couples? First one to PM me their first and last names gets a mix cd!

The rest of the songs are about combustion - air and fire, transformation: a swarm of bugs, a blown up bridge, driving through a dust cloud.

Made this with an Analog Rytm (no fancy patterns, just lots of muting and unmuting) a Nord Electro (under-rated) and a Dave Smith Pro 3. Tried to sound like the Residents, Weather Report and Van Der Graaf Generator.