New album - Tyler Martin - Coast Notes from the SF Bay - pop with Octatrack and Modular

My good friend and collaborator and I were starting to work on new music in early 2020. Though we lived just one neighborhood away from each other (Ravenna and Wallingford for all you Seattle-ites) when lockdown started we moved to a remote collaborative mode.

I sent him skeletons of songs, he sent back compositions with drums and wild noises, I added synths and twists, he mixed it amazingly. In the middle of this my partner and I moved across the country!

Normally this would be the end of a project, but Geoff and I kept working at it. No longer a sardine in the apartment worried about what the downstairs neighbors would think about my lyrics, I got to rerecord my vocals in my new basement/studio.

Our album is called Rip the Calendar, a grab bag of warped pop/rock and it’s on Bandcamp for free download!

For the gear curious I used mostly Yamaha Refaces for synths and everything I played on guitar or bass went though the Elektron Analog Heat.


New album out today! Free download.

Coast Notes from the SF Bay, made with an Octatrack, a shared system, the Digitone, and some guitars.

These songs are about a time in my life when I lived in Santa Cruz CA and kept getting pulled up the coast on wild errands to every beach you could imagine. The track ‘Muir’ is probably the most lines-y Enjoy!

New album out today! Free Download.

Murmur Group, grimy home-recorded pop made with an Elektron drum machine (can’t remember which one), a couple of monosynths (can’t remember which ones), a Nord Electro and bass and guitar. Contains one or two dusty country western touches, a couple of odes to late night college radio when the DJs have total freedom and three old songs hidden inside of new songs. 90 minutes of music! Good for a road trip through suspicious weather or painting the house.

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New album out today! Free download.

Distortion Band was made last year in Greensboro, NC. Part of a trio of attenuated albums, I used a simple iterative process to come up with a list of song titles and wrote from there.

It contains a few scummy synths, some rapid drum machines and a couple of splashed out guitar solos. Plenty of lyrics too: I sing about Brownian motion, deep sea vents, and getting to know the local bugs.

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