New ALEPH scenes

just posted a new set of ALEPH scenes - things i’ve been using for shows/projects over past months. Tidied them up a bit for sharing.
Download, info and tutorial here

bit of a rush job, enjoy!


damn!!! thanks so much for sharing these!!! gonna load them in tonight!

that is some seriously elegant use of presets in my opinion

thank you so much for sharing duncan!

good to hear! let me know if you have any problems/questions

i really liked the sound you got with the drums synth

i got to spend a few hours this morning playing with your scenes! stasis and walk worked beautifully. but granny and resdelay i couldn’t get going-

i had to update to bees 6.0 so i got the latest install from the github. i got the white noise when loading granny and resdelay but then the aleph became unresponsive after pushing the mode button (i had confirmation on the screen that the scene loaded from the card). but as a side note, i also couldn’t get space, skitter, or crickets to work either? all the other included scenes worked. i have no idea what i’m talking about but is this a lines thing? are your first 2 scenes related to space and skitter in some common way where i just need to update some file and they will all work?

thanks for any thoughts you can give and also thanks again for sharing them, i really really enjoyed walk!

hmm, could be a Lines issue, i just tried loading an old scene and it also became unresponsive. There’s something weird happening when you jump from scene to scene.
Do granny and resdelay work when you load them after a clean boot?
I think the loop length is set differently across these scenes, maybe that’s something to so with it?

as a note they do all use Lines though, including Stasis and Walk

thanks for your replies! i did a clean boot to a new scene, same result for granny and resdelay as i described before. oh well… i’ll keep playing around with it and see if i can’t figure out why.

guess its not a lines problem then since your other scenes work and use that. so strange that skitter and space won’t work on the latest release… can you confirm that space and skitter work on your machine with the latest updates?

strangest thing- think i solved the problem by eventually unplugging and plugging my line in again… it was working fine with stasis and walk before. this also seemed to make skitter work, though there was also white noise loaded with that scene even after a clean boot. granny and resdelay seemed to work now.

wow, that is totally weird. one for @tehn i think! yes, there’s almost always white noise from a clean boot. I still don’t understand why though, if everything else i use (max, pd, borderlands) when you create a buffer it’s always filled with silence? it would be so great for that to be fixed!!!

loving these duncan, no issues yet

Yeah, the noise is really annoying when working with big buffers and lots of feedback. Must be something in the lines code. Wish I new how to fix it…

@analogue01 as a workaround I have a scene called ‘clear’ which just loads lines and does nothing else, I leave this on for 60secs with no input before i load anything else up, that way when i jump between scenes with varying buffer lengths the buffer is silenced ( if you move between scenes the content of the buffers persist, which can lead to some unexpected musical moments, but thankfully no noise blasts)

A “clear” scene is a great idea! I’ve just been building a “clear feedback” button into my scenes, but now I can reclaim the fourth button :smile:

Is there another place were we can host these (and other scenes)? Just realized the aleph sharing page is 404 dead with the old monome website… archived somewhere?

Some of the links on the new site are bad. The old site is still accessible via (just add archive in front of an old URL)

Got it! Thanks :smile:

Love this thread
I was thinking about making some really basic delays and found this article. pretty basic but a nice ref I thought

looking for a good/simple tutorial on sending cv out from aleph to hardware synths. lemme know if you have or
see one. still a newbie

will build some uber simple delays from this article soon and post.


Check the aleph tutorial 7 for the cv info.