New (and first) EP: Vasalt - Cosmic Debris | Dark cinematic beats

Hi everyone,

I recently released my first EP, “Cosmic Debris” and wanted to share it with you.

I started with music production three years ago as a way of channeling other creative outlets that for life reasons (2nd newborn, covid…) got (temporarily :crossed_fingers:) closed for me, mainly dance and performance. So in a sense, this started as a replacement and a way of healing/grieving the loss, but it has turned into the realization of finding another fulfilling artistic facet that I never thought would be up my alley.

I’m a very visually-oriented person so it’s been interesting to witness how the music creation process has been connecting with that part of me, to the point of getting to visualize a story for the track. And this is something I’m also kind of happy, the “journey” aspect of it, to other worlds, realms or realities. Hope this resonates with you as well.

Credits: Mastered by @pokk at Artwork by yours truly.

Hope you enjoy them. Would love to hear any thoughts or reflections you may have.



Congrats on the first release. It’s so satisfying to see this out in the world, i hope you feel good about it although whatever you feel is all good.

Seeing this out this morning brought a smile to my face. :innocent:

Good luck and congrats again on the new addition to the family.

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