New Art City Anniversary Festival: March 15-26

My virtual art gallery is holding a festival showcasing over 30 artists from around the world opening on March 15th! Below is the basic information. You can access a calendar of openings at and I also attached a copy of our exhibition calendar with statements from all of the artists.

Come visit us!

About New Art City:

New Art City is a virtual gallery with a unique browser-based 3D builder toolkit underneath. Developed by internet artist Don Hanson (, this toolkit empowers artists and curators to quickly replicate physical galleries while also allowing them to imagine new ways of experiencing art virtually which extend beyond what is possible in physical space. We are an artist-run organization and have spent the last year doing our best to make a tool which is easily accessible to other artists. Shows are real-time multiplayer and accessed using a web browser, with no need to register, install extra software or enter any personal information. Using built-in tools to manage artworks and room layouts, anyone can create a show and hold a virtual exhibition online.

March 26, 2021 is the one year anniversary of New Art City’s domain registration. chose the URL the way he always does for his art projects: by searching keywords and picking the coolest free one. A prototype grew into a tool, and a tool grew into a community. Since then, more than 30,000 people in 120 countries have visited galleries on New Art City. As an organization we are proud to display artists who show in museums on the same level as art students, and to show digital art in its native format alongside traditional media.

In the past 12 month New Art City worked with partners including Format Festival, The Lumen Prize, bitforms gallery, Gray Area, Codame ART+TECH, Felt Zine, and a number of universities and individual artists. Select shows from 2020 include Disembodied Behaviors via bitforms gallery, The BLOB of Im/Possible Images by Rosa Menkman, Dismal Sessions via Most Dismal Swamp and Principia Discordia by Felt Zine.

About New Art City Festival:

With New Art City Festival we are celebrating our community and all that they have created by shining a spotlight on the artists pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our toolkit. It is free to attend and new exhibitions open each day of the festival. The exhibitions reflect a tremendous diversity of activity on New Art City across disciplines, media, and geographies. Everything launching in this festival goes beyond anything we have shown before, and we are so excited to share the creative potential of this new digital format with many more artists around the world.

Featuring Work By:

Alice Yuan Zhang, Andrew Blanton with Sebastian Batali & Aditi Raja, Corsica Studios, Danielle Brathwaite Shirley, Delta_Ark, Henrique Fagundes with Oendu de Mendoça, Juno Rain & Henrique Montagne, Jackie Turpin, Most Dismal Swamp, Otrus Extraviadus, Peretsky & Angela Ruiz, output.field, Peter Basma-Lord, Portrait×Ö with Dadabots & Reeps One, R. Tyler with & omiindustriies, and Sofia Crespo with Entangled Others.

Exhibition Calendar NAC Festival .pdf (191.0 KB)


oh wow, i like the directions your virtual art gallery is moving in:

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