New beginnings: proun press


Omar Akrouche and I are starting a label called “Proun Press”

Here is a statement about the label:

“Proun press is founded upon the idea of creative construction of form through economic construction of transformed material. Proun is a movement along the stations of creative concreteness but not comprehension or the explanation of life. The path of proun press is pure experienced action.” (excerpts from el lissitzky’s proun manifesto)

”Headlands" by Gianni Andreatta will be available for pre-order on the Proun Press bandcamp tomorrow. The official release will be on 3/1. We will be sharing the album’s first track, “Garfield” alongside a hand-processed super 8 film by Nolan Barry.

More to come! If you use instagram, here is where you can find us there!



today, proun press announced our first release since the spring! @dan_derks new full length album “phylum”.

on “phylum” dan unites grains of sound to create what loosely resembles a sonic family. “phylum” releases on 25 limited edition cassette tapes/digital 10/04 and to all streaming services on 10/11. order one now because they’re going fast, there are only roughly 10 left!

listen to the singles that are out now:


tapes are flying fast!


these are going to be $300 on discogs very soon


these singles sound great too, lovely mastering.


ordered, can’t wait to hear all of it :slight_smile:


hey I recognize those song title inspirations!

bummed I missed the tape tho


Got mine! Looking forward to this in a big way.


thanks for the kind vibes, all. what a wild thing, to have this no longer be uncategorized files in my itunes. I’ll post some words here this weekend to supplement the ones on the bandcamp page. in short, very overwhelmed by the positivity. thank you.



yesterday, Proun Press announced our newest release “quiet for quiet” by fightmaster.

fightmaster is a recording project including myself, omar akrouche, and eric van thyne

started in 2017, this record has been a long time coming. you can listen to the first track and pre-order the limited run tape here, the release date is 1/7!

also, for those who use streaming services, the single is available there now!


this is sick

thanks for sharing…i especially love the album cover


“quiet for quiet” by fightmaster is officially out on bandcamp and available on all streaming services.

we are so excited to have this record out!as it has been roughly 3 years in the making, this record means a lot to the three of us. inspired by driving around at night and the way lights look at night, this record moves from fluttering melodies to swelling guitar loops (this record is full of op-1 loops, guitar loops, loads of delay/reverb, and some other synthesizer stuff)! there are a handful of tapes up for grabs on bandcamp, so make sure to act fast before they are gone!


I received the email notification of release, but when I attempt to download, it appears only the pre-order track is available?

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oh my! thank you for bringing this to my attention! should be up now!

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Yup, that did it. Thanks, I’m looking forward to giving it a full listen!

Hello all!

We are very happy to announce the release of the newest work by Eric Van Thyne, “A Million Miniscule Moments”. The record is out today on bandcamp and all streaming services! There is also a handful of pro dubbed clear cassette tapes left from the edition! Each tape is housed in individually screen-printed o-cards printed and designed by me! Don’t miss out on the tape!

Eric Van Thyne is a composer and multi-instrumentalist musician based in Los Angeles, CA and has been performing and recording experimental sound work since 2015. His compositions are based around improvisation and process and are equally inspired by Strauss orchestral works as they are Moog synthesizers. His newest work, “A Million Miniscule Moments” is assembled from several long-form improvisations via spontaneous composition that embraces organic performance but also incorporates aspects of editing and collaging to create and sustain a precise moment. Inspired by his travels abroad in the summer of 2019, this record is informed by a newfound sense of unity in all things and a recent deeper understanding in the randomness of connection.


This one pulled me right in! Very nice

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