(New bpatcher) serialosc problem in Max? [Solved]

Just a question regarding my dumbness:
How will the new bpatcher serialosc show up in Max?
I think everything is installed fine but it looks like this:

The way I usually add serialosc is by making a new object, typing serialosc, then converting to a bptacher (green triangle at left on the object > transform > convert to bpatcher). looks like this for me:

I’m pretty sure the version you are getting is from the beap library. If i recall correctly it works fine and you can remove the excess space in the box by adding a negative offset in the bpatcher inspector if you were so inclined. I think the above method matches closer to the implementation used in the monome max package

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Thanks for the answer @tambouri !

I think I could narrow down the problem but still don’t understand it.
If I try to open the grid studies Max crashes. Could this be related to the missing new bpatcher serialosc?

While crashing I could make a screenshot and there (top right part) you can see that the bpatcher serial osc is missing completely.
Any idea how I can fix this?

Yea that does look wonky, i’m seeing this

I’m uncertain if this is why your max would be crashing, but i’m curious if you might have multiple versions of serialosc.maxpat in your max search paths. You may also want to check that your bpatcher is linking to the correct one as if there are more than one i think it’s kind of a gamble which max picks. mine is linking to this file.

p.s. to get there in finder you click show contents on your max app. from there, i’d open up that version of serialosc.maxpat and check that it looks like this

@kza i think you’re using max 6, with an old version of the serialosc.maxpat which is not saved with a 0,0 offset at the dropdown.

i’d suggest using max 7.

and furthermore, as suggested by @tambouri i’d remove all stray serialosc.maxpat files scattered on your computer

Thanks @tehn but it is the newest Max version. I’ll check the suggestion of @tambouri and update you on the issue.

Thanks to both of you

So, yes @tambouri it looks exactly like this.
I have previous Max versions installed but there should not be any other serialosc.maxpat in the path.

Perhaps being really redundant, but if when you open serialosc file it looks like the screencap from above and is in the same place, I’d double check to be certain your grid studies is linking to it

If you open up the inspector for the bpatcher and under patcher > patcher file, just to make sure it’s linking to the correct place. Perhaps also open a new view of serialosc from the serialosc object (right click > object > ) in the grid studies patch to make sure that the version matches

I’d also suggest searching your whole comp for serialosc.maxpat, I know I’ve definitely had issues before where I had more than one in subfolders or elsewhere and it was pulling up the wrong one

oh, excellent. i was thrown by the file icon in the screencap.

@tambouri do you mean patcher > patcher file (mine links nowhere) or bpatcher > bpatcher file?

I am so rookie I feel lost. This is how the inspector looks when I open the grid studies.

Yep, click the choose button and make sure that it is linking to this file in the contents folder (copying image from above)

additionally/alternately, try opening the bpatcher

to make sure it looks like this (again just duplicated for clarity)

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Yeas, but I can’t link it to the file in the Max app because it won’t give me the option to open the package… no right click possible. Thanks a lot for the help!!!

can you get inside the max app in finder, but just not in max?

Searching in finder I just “show package contents”. But inside Max7 inspector > patcher file > choose > I can’t choose to show package contents.

Here’s a potential work around to get you into the max folder (nothing fancy, just something that’s worked for me).
-in finder, navigate to the correct serialosc file inside of the max app contents.
-swich to the grid studies maxpatch, select the serialosc bpatcher, open inspector and click the choose button we’ve been talking about.
-once the file browser is loaded, switch back to finder, and drag the correct serialosc file into file browser max launched. fingers crossed, this should allow you to link inside the max app folder

It’s not inconceivable that something else is wrong, but the fact that something else is loading into your serialosc by default still feels a lot like there may be other versions of serialosc floating around which max is for some reason loading instead of the correct one. It might be worth noting where the “choose” button inside the bpatcher is taking you by default. Is there a rogue serialosc file in there?

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Thank you very much. So I did it the way you proposed and it works until I close Max and open it again. Then it falls back to the old bpatcher serialosc. So there must be rogue versions in the way.

I have old versions of Max installed. Shall I delete them? And what about all the serialosc patches inside monome apps which I have of course in the application folder in subfolders?

Maybe I should clean them up?


cleaning up does sound ideal.

The serialosc patches inside monome app folders seem a likely culprit. You really should be able to function entirely off of the one serialosc housed in the max app, but if you were leery you could just backup the current state of your monome app folders to an external drive before removing the stray serialosc (and ejecting the drive to be safe)

Beyond that, if you haven’t tried it, i’d start w/ a finder search of your whole comp for serialosc.maxpat and see what that turns up

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I suppose It was like you said. There was another serialosc.maxpat. I didn’t see it at first because it was not in the application folder but in the documents folder. Well anyways, thank you all very much for the help!

no sweat, it’s working correctly now?

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Yes! Thank you, sir!

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