New C30 'Schwarzschild Radio' on Beartown Records

Hey all. Hope everyone is well.

I’ve got a new cassette release out today on Beartown Records, who have done a lot of cool releases from the likes of John Butcher, Lasse Marhaug and Karen Constance to name but a few.

A digital version is also available via my Bandcamp (Beartown don’t have a BC presence):

A little about the record:

I had a lot of fun with this one - it’s been brewing with me a while, trying to realise a slightly whimsical notion of some sort of junky, forgotten radio station broadcasting from near a black hole, struggling with all the radioactive noise and gravity in the region - guess I was thinking about warped communication networks and bad signal to noise ratios!
Basically comprised of me pumping snippets of numbers stations and a few other concrète type recordings through my Bugbrand synthesizer and trying to get everything to affect everything else, then a bit of post-recording editing to create a sense of radio band surfing and information overload and decay. Lots of cross modulating oscillators in combo with shift registers to create control and audio rate voltages to control the pitch and speed of the samples, trigger stuff etc - funneled through Tom’s excellent PT Delay and Crossover Filter modules.

Hope you enjoy!


That cover art is amazing.


Thanks, can’t take credit for that - Beartown came up with that after I gave him a vague description of the themes. So much better than anything I would have created!

The sounds are quite good, too!

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Love some bugbrand, will take a listen!

I’m going to take this opportunity to plug my Beartown album from a few years ago, featuring all sorts of sounds and approaches. The artwork for mine was also all Beartown and extremely idiosyncratic, god bless em. People ask me what the bonus sticker that says ‘Pipe Rolls’ on it means, and I haven’t a clue…

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