New Category: Madrona Labs

i’m very excited to have just created a Madrona Labs category here on lines.

undoubtedly most of you are familiar with @randy’s truly exceptional plugins and soundplane controller-- i encourage anyone who hasn’t seen to head there promptly.

these tools are deep and merit much discussion which i know will mesh well here. and so, welcome!

here’s an improvisation from 2013 where all sound comes from several instances of aalto:

and a performance with lots of kaivo:


Lovely. Such great plugins and manuals.


so glad this exists. well curated, @tehn

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great decision, looking forward to hearing what the community comes up with

happy to be here! . . …


i haven’t used a plugin, except for Kontakt, since 1999. Should i start ?


so is the madrona labs forum being closed in favour of lines? that’s an interesting development, should lead to some nice cross pollination :slight_smile:


i’ve only owned three plugins and two are by ML…but deep down? i wish they were standalone

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if you’re inclined towards gear acquisition syndrome, plugins can lead to significant expense - imagine being able to get that new piece of gear within the next 5 minutes just by clicking the Paypal button…

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The demos for Aalto and Kaivo (granular synthesis/physical modeling!) are free forever. Soft white noise will play every 60 seconds and you can’t save patches. The presets are really good though!

These synths have the feel and sound of a real instrument and stand out in an age where plugins are disposable.


I bought aalto a year ago and like it very much. Great sound and very deep, good written manual, nice interface… I remember a thread on muffs where aalto was compared to an hardware synth, more people were wrong than right about which was aalto and which eurorack!

this is a great idea btw

thanks @tehn!

all my favorite instruments in one convenient location!

soundplane is so dope:


Thanks for the good words and ideas! I won’t be closing my own forums any time soon but look forward to being more active in the discussion here.

Will there be more soundplanes in the future?

oh yes.


In addition to the manual and free demo, there are some great videos and a tutorial series. I didn’t find them easily from the madronalabs site (@randy : maybe I just overlooked them?) so here they are for the curious:

and the aalto tutorials:

Great stuff!


Thanks—yes, overhaul the web site has been on my thangstodo list for a while. So I’m doing it incrementally. Starting to get a nice collection of artist profiles together too… if you google for them.


Oh I love Alto so much ! Got the limited version from Computer Magazine, so it’s just a monophonic version, but that’s my favorite softsynth by far. Glad to see you there !

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Bump for the Summer Sale!

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