New composition for Monome 256

I’d like to share a new piece I composed for a Monome 256. It’s titled “Atomic Etudes”:

Amongst other works it will be performed on the following dates and locations:

11 November 2016, 6pm
Inffeldgasse 10/3
8010 Graz

12 November 2016, 8pm
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten
Trans – Denken mit Klang
Mariahilferplatz 3/1
8020 Graz

16 November 2016, 2pm
Kleine Concertzaal
Kleine Zavel 5

24 November 2016, 9pm
MuTe Fest
Café Mascot
Neljäs linja 2
00530 Helsinki

All performances are going to be played by myself, except for the one on November 16, which is going to be performed by Benjamin van Esser.

More performances coming up in 2017 in London and Zadar (Croatia) and probably quite a few other places.



this is gorgeous. specially love the monome as a display aspect. great work!

Lovely sounds! And a really clever use of the 256 as a performance device.

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Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Nice work Marko. I’m curious how Benjamin learned the piece. Is there a graphic score with a timeline? Is the piece largely improvised within frameworks, and the ‘patch’ and instructions provided? Thanks.

Thank you!
The entire piece is based on game-like rules. It consists of three sections and in each section the performer has to react to certain events and follow particular goals. Therefore two performances are never identical. I wouldn’t call it improvised, though, although obviously the performer does have certain flexibilities on how to respond to certain events.
There is no score in the traditional sense, but I wrote down a description of the mechanics and rules that are underlying the individual sections. And I’m providing the patch as well, of course…


excited to see a fellow monomer at MuTe Fest! I’ll be performing there as well (live coding in black box on the 23 November). really looking forward to see you perform there.

That’s a great coincidence, Larry!
I’m afraid I’ll miss your performance because I’m flying in late on the 23rd.
I hope I’ll run into you on the 24th. Best,


thanks for posting this! really inspiring to watch. sorry for the stupid question but- you have a right angle usb cord? just wondering how you decided upon the physical orientation of the grid in relation to your body?

Yes, I happen to have a right angle USB cord. I never really thought much about the orientation and I ended up holding it this way. However, it is easy to rotate the whole layout if I’d happen to use another cord one day.

Beautiful !Just curious, are you using MGCVM?

Thank you!
No, I’m not using MGCVM. The synthesis as well as the graphics are all programed directly in SuperCollider.