New Critter And Guitari Instrument: ONDA

Looks really cool, but maybe not as powerful as the Organelle in some ways. No screen…

really? screen aside i got the opposite impression

the additional i/o is mouthwatering

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The light up button display almost reminds me of times I’ve seen grids plugged into organelle, seems harder to lean than a screen but more organic once you’ve learnt how it works in each patch.

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Having a Raspberry Pi running at the heart of it is bound to lead to some interesting mods as well. Has a price been announced yet?

most of C&Gs stuff runs around $495 but you never know

Now I just need to decide if I’d rather wooden buttons or the increased function if light up buttons… I really don’t like squishy buttons on instruments which sways me closer to the organelle!

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Do you remember where you read about the i/o? I didn’t see any info on the C&G site.

From the C&G forum:

some more details about the ONDA:

The main idea of the ONDA is to lower the barrier of entry for artists, musicians, educators, experimenters and hackers who want to wade into real time music programming.

…so it will be priced below the Organelle, although we don’t know exact pricing at this time. (and for what it is worth: we don’t have a release date)

The ONDA is not meant to replace the Organelle. It is a branch on the Critter & Guitari tree (not pole). We are still excited about the Organelle’s potential, especially the new developments around the Orac system!

As the ONDA hopefully draws more users into the fun of making patches, it is also a way for us to experiment with ideas for future instruments…

Some other specs:

Runs on 4 AA batteries. Using rechargeable batteries gives over 4 hours play time… this will obviously also depend on CPU load and speaker volume.
3 watt built in amp and speaker
Based on Raspberry Pi 3 which provides quad core 1.2 GHz processor, 4x USB, * Ethernet, HDMI and WiFi
WM8731 audio codec
1/8" stereo headphone out
1/8" stereo line in / out
Built in mic
Switch on back for mic or line in selection
Switch on back for speaker on/off
5 knobs
1 volume knob
26 key illuminated keyboard (not velocity sensitive)
2 illuminated auxiliary buttons
1 additional ‘shift’ button
PWM LED controller, each LED key has 256 RGB values controllable from Pd
probably other things I’ve forgotten! Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support!
probably other things I’ve forgotten! Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support!


apparently ONDA comes with an install of Cubase32

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Has this been shelved? Cant find any info since moogfest.

No official words from C&G about ONDA since moogfest.
though even at moogfest, they said they didn’t have a price or release date… so perhaps was a way off - or perhaps a prototype to elicit feedback?

Ah, that makes sense. I was wondering if they’ve cancelled it. The site seems to suggest they are focussed on Organelle and and ETC (and other new instruments - hopefully this means onda).

C&G blogpost