New ep "unnamed"

hello all

i never was a frequent poster (perhaps some of you might remember me because i sort of curated the aleph tunes compilation) and i’m definitely not good at self promotion

anyway. thought i’d share my latest work with y’all.

i recorded these tunes almost a year ago using ableton and one messy max patch. i shared this collection with glia and even tho he liked it I had no interest in putting it out. lots of things have changed since then and now i’m trying to re-start the process.

now here’s the tricky thing. 2019 was one of the worst years for me personally and working on this ep was some sort of therapy. now it’s 2020. who would have thought… so i decided to share these tunes because maybe they will bring some joy to people.

i want to thank @glia for amazing support (thanks for keeping these)
and thank you all. looking forward to re-connect with some of you.


i’m so grateful to you!
thanks for sharing this music with us (and inspiring me to continue pursuing art)

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coming in late here but just wanted to share some good vibes - this is definitely one of the best things i’ve heard this year

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…sounds great to me!

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Really digging these tracks, thank you for sharing.
What’s happening inside the messy max patch?

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@Andrew @Jet @kbit

thanks! really glad y’all like this one.

nothing fancy. it’s a sequencer/effect randomizer. I’m not particularly good at patching.