New Finland Thread!

The last “Is anyone from finland?” is 6 years old, let’s have a new one shall we?
All the Finnish liners expose yourselves! I’m currently living in Helsinki area myself! Would like to know about your projects and so on, maybe we could do something together if our interests match!

Also good venues for left-field electronic live shows would be appreciated, I know of:
-Vapaan taiteen tila
-Vapaakaupungin olohuone ( Noise Space Club)
-Oranssi (noise shows sometimes, a squat)
-Makamik (a squat)
-All the Kompleksi places (Ääniwalli, Post Bar, Kuudes Linja, Siltanen) {sometimes good stuff like Aleksi Perälä while back}

is there more places where some interesting sound could be heard?


Moro :heart:

I live in Tampere but commute to Helsinki every week, so I’m sort of around. It’s a new year’s resolution to talk to / meet more local folk in this hobby. Regain a sense of a healthy sphere of good friends.

I usually try to draw modular textural synthesis, with samples and FX, into personal or wildlife narratives (I guess). Lapsiperhe burnout and mental health have, for several years, made engaging with the hobby very difficult. But I was just booked to play at Dro)))ne On Tampere, a mini festival next May, so am excited!

I also manage a splits cassette label called Bivalve.



They’ve quite recently opened a gallery space in the “Pertin Valinta” record shop that has some free and interesting shows every now and then. I went to see Tomutonttu play there in October and apparently more shows will follow next spring. There’s also recently opened small modular synth shop (Acapulco Modular) in Itä-Pasila, and I recall that they we’re planning to do some live shows at some point.

Some galleries to keep an eye on (that have at least in the past had some interesting music shows):
Outo Olo
Asbestos Art Space

Most likely there are many more around, the scene seems quite fragmented and yet it’s full of extremely enthusiastic people.

I will also mention that we’re curating a sonic art exhibition in the forementioned Oksasenkatu11 in March, which will have some live performances too.


oh! Thats good to hear imma check out your cass-label and your synth stuff! awesome to find more finnish folk here.

where is the Dro)))ne -fest to be held? sounds interesting! I have been to tampere watching shows in Vastavirta and kenneli DIY, mostly punk stuff ofc… then there is also maanalainen but i have never been there, i have heard that they have sometimes experimental shows!

i actually went to pertin valinta yesturday to buy some free jazz records and all, really great place and the seller was super awesome guy ( was really into Mats Gustafsson’s music, but don’t we all). I did not know that they host shows, maybe I need to keep an eye out! Also bought myself a Tomutonttu s/t 10" which i found at Pertin Valinta :smiley:

That Acapulco Modular is a new one for me, thanks! gotta check that one out! SOme of the galleries that u mentioned are new, some old for me, asbestos is legendary, so many friends have been there with their art!

And you are curating Äänen Lumo! Thats awesome, been following your stuff for sometime now! Great job at making experimental music more heard here in the north. Will absolutely come check your exhibition and shows when they happen.

catch u there :pray:



:wave: Tampere, Finland.

I’m mostly interested in treading the fine line between acoustic and electronic. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar and mangling & sampling it with Norns & Zoia and adding synths to taste. I’m currently recording some of my own music with this setup.

Other projects include my one man Finnish speaking Nine Inch Nails cover band 9TuumanNaulaPäässä and danceable agent jazz prog rock band Evil Kangaroo. Few years ago I also made music to Pikku Kakkonen :smile:

Some collaborations could be interesting. It’s already 6 months since playing live. Nice to hear about other local projects!


I sold my Zoia a couple years ago, couldnt find the time to learn it, but its a hell of a macine no doubt.

I’v got pretty much the same intentions as you, i have been playing the drumset for 16 years now and I could say i’m good at it, (always hard for a fin to say anything good about themselves but i digress). Latley i have been trying to incorporate some no-input noise elements to playing, doing both of them live at the same time. works, but its a hazzle…
also i own the Sunhouse sensory perc system, trying to incorporate that too, but its a slow process.

and for other more machine oriented stuff i have been making experimental music with ciat lonbarde, organelle, monotribe, kaosilator, SHNTH,SP404 and something else that i might forgot now, lots of different synths with different purposes. So lots of stuff happening, very little to release :sweat_smile: for now atleast. Im releasin my debut solo “Yhdessä” Sometime soon which is synth soundscape experimental, after that i think i release some drum solo tracks!

imma check out your stuff too! Sounds fun!

PS: Pikku kakkonen, that might be the most epic thing in anyones CV that i have ever heard, can you link some sounds from that or the program or anything, that so awesome!!!

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Terve :slight_smile: I’ve emigrated about 2015 via Gent to Copenhagen and now to Bochum so I cannot recommend places in my home city Helsinki, study city Tampere, or elsewhere and am out of the techno scene too of course but happy to follow along and hear about any sound things going on in Finland. Is X-Rust still active in Turku? Haha I hitchhiked to so many of their parties and other sound events.

My noodlings are strictly electronic and guided along by the instruments and I don’t know anything about music, but it’s great fun and I have never published anything or don’t have any kind of artist name or anything, it’s great :slight_smile:

Does Kiasma have sound going-on-ings? We hosted things also in Kirjasto 10 but that’s part of Oodi now.


Some picks. Most of the stuff was actually made about 10yrs ago.


What was the circuit bending group again? They were always very workshop oriented etc and in that way deconstructing the artistry and performance things, as well as deconstructing music and toys as well.

Edit ah yeah KOELSE ie. kokeellisen elektroniikan seura of course :slight_smile:

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:wave: Helsinki here. Some friends are active in arranging ambient/experimental music events, and it seems there’s a lot of people willing to do those things. Nice city for small-scale stuff.


Hey :black_heart:

I’m helloing from Helsinki too. We run Post-Rift, a label/audiovisual collective with some friends. We organize and take part in some ambient/experimental stuff. It’s a nice little scene here, nicely tied with other audiovisual art circles.


Right now there’s lots of circus to see over the holiday season- Talvisirkus, the winter circus, I think this year’s show is called Joy. They have my favorite Finnish circus collective called Arctic Ensemble in the cast this year. Then the opera is doing some circus opera thing right now, with Barcode the circus company from Montreal in the cast. Finally there’s a new holiday show from Sirkus Finlandia with a bunch of really good performers in it.

Later in the new year it looks like Gravity and Other Myths from Australia are performing in February and Cirque du Soleil is bringing their ice skating show called Crystal to Helsinki in March.

See you at all those shows!!


Happy to hear that you’be been enjoying the stuff we’re into, trying my best to keep the level up then :slight_smile:

Also, if you were interested checking out the stuff I fiddle around with, you can find some here.


Last thing i Heard from kiasma was the Mika Vainio Retrospective, and now they are hosting the retrospective of Markus Copper, which incorporates sound in his sculptures.

I have heard from Helsinki Uni where i study from the professors that in the early 2000 there was a lot of gigs and seminars in kiasma featuring the artists and students from HY but i think its kinda dead now… hope to see a new rise in experiental audio and kiasma!

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Okay this is super awesome! Ofc might be not in “your style” but as a fun of naive-art in all forms this speaks to me!
gonna check your other sounds too! Blessed

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hi! Your Post-Rift Stuff seems super interesting, imma drop a follow on IG.
there seems to be more going on that i could have imagined at all, you guys have been doing hell of a lot shows and stuff, Big up, gotta keep my eyes open for the future. Keeping the scene alive <3

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Oh you run artsy records, I might have contacted you thru instagram or smthng a while back about my upcoming album, but lets talk about that some other day shall we :blush: the whole label is awesome not gonna lie, you are doing an awesome job, keep releasing interesting sounds!

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BTW I’m performing/improvising tomorrow (Dec 26) at Maja Matinèe, a new performing arts event series at Maja Coffee Roastery in Lehtisaari. It’s experimental noise, ambient, repetitive stuff taking turns throughout the day with Epanakyma, the roaster at Maja. It’s open 12-17 and there should be sound roughly 13-17.

Welcome y’all :black_heart:


Hehe, it’s not me, but you might’ve met the guy in Pertin valinta. I just did that particular release on Artsy records, but have no other affiliation with it. :slight_smile:

But yeah, as you said; plenty of stuff happening around, it’s just sometimes a bit hard to find it!

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