New half Euroack half Ableton album

Donating 100% of my Bandcamp this month to Direct Relief and also matching anything that comes in on this release:

I had been planning it for next week but with Bandcamp waiving their fees today I figured I’d drop it early.

These tracks span quite a few years. The majority involve a mix of modular and Ableton - a common approach was to record a performance of a patch and then edit and augment it in the DAW. Some tracks though are strictly Ableton, and one was just an experiment of layering a Discman’s electromagnetic signals recorded through a guitar pickup. There’s also a heavily processed autoharp on the opening track.

If anyone has any thoughts or feedback I’d love to hear it; also happy to share any more about my process if there are questions. Hope you’re all staying safe and sane out there!


thanks for sharing and making it available via bandcamp!