New Industrial Remix Project

May be of interest to some of you:

Is anyone else submitting? did you enter anything jason?..Just finished a short mix. the only thing that’s holding me up is that i cant think of a decent title.
Not sure I completely buy into the idea of this genre - but just about everyone who has commented on his facebook page has said the same thing?
Like the idea of such projects though and the effort people take to set them up. I would have named a moreplayful /surreal genre, something like Silent Metal , field dub, glitch ska- so there is no actual template to follow- but then thats me. as im too unfocused to actually set it up…

I agree that the idea behind the genre is a bit convoluted. It seems to stem more from ambient than from Industrial (though we could argue that early industrial music had sometimes a certain ambient-y touch).
Apart from that I find the poster’s reflections pretty interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about this myself lately. One question that seems to be central to this remix project, and which strikes a chord with me is: what defines our time sonically? So I’m thinking about entering with something… if work doesn’t get in the way.

@jasonw22: thanks a lot for linking this!

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Maybe I’m missing something but why is this a remix project and not field recording?

Yeah I was wondering it myself. After reading the whole “manifesto” it seemed a bit odd to take somebody elses recordings… but we best ask the initiator directly.

By the way, just remembered this and checked up on it. This is now up on bandcamp:

Did anyone else get on it? (I did send him a proper title but he just used the file name). I realize how irritating that must be to get given the tracks and the titles separately.19 tracks: Haven’t given it a good listen yet. It’s always a good lesson to hear one of your own tracks between two others.

On his facebook page he states some reason for charging for downloads- to do with Bandcamp. was a bit shocked to see the ‘download for $118’