New Isn'tses album "Quarantinoise"

New Isn’tses album ‘Quarantinoise’ out now! :robot::japanese_ogre: Remastered highlights from our recent livestreamed performances with synths, noise, vocals and guitar.

Livestreams haven’t been a total substitute for IRL gigs but we’ve really enjoyed doing them and probably will continue to do so after/if lockdown ends and people dare gather again. Having said that it seems like enthusiasm for them might have tapered off a bit now the novelty of ‘online gigs’ has worn off and there’s been a glut of them?

Anyway It’s been an interesting experience and allowed us to play something quite different than we usually would. We’ve been able to use great we don’t/can’t take to gigs such as rackmount fx, guitar, eurorack. Also gives scope for more low-key/minimal setups, and the low volume (compared to a gig that is, rather than in our neighbors’ opinion) has us giving the sound a bit more space and to progress in different ways without the usual live chaos energy. Feels interesting to do something like a recording session/jam with a phantom audience.

We edited the raw recordings into chunks which felt like a ‘track’, some are nearly the entire performance while some are shorter excerpts, and remastered them quite a bit. One or two were recorded/streamed with a basic stereo setup but we now have set up a 16 track zoom recorder to use as the main mixer for streams, so we have multitracks for this kind of re-editing after the fact.

Rushed the cover a bit to get it up in time for Bandcamp’s NAACP Legal Defense Fund donation thing yesterday, since rethought it a bit and redesigned the art. Always feel a bit weird about editing bandcamp releases, does it bother any of you? At some level it just means the early adopters have a rare limited edition version ha :slight_smile:


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