New Jersey/New York City-ish: July 15-19

Hey everyone,
I am going to be taking a trip to the New York City area July 15-19. Wondering if there are any cool things to see or events of any sort going on that I should check out. Also if anyone is around that area and wants to hang for a sec, let me know! I’ll have my car staying in Summit, NJ for the most part I think, and I’ll probably take the train into the city for a day or two.

So far I have:

Record/etc. shops
2 Bridges Music Arts
Downtown Music Gallery

Art museums
The Whitney
Leslie-Lohman – went here last time and really enjoyed it.

Montclair? Went there randomly last time I was in the area and it was a cool spot to walk around. I might drive out there again and do the same thing. If there is anything interesting going on that way that would be cool please let me know! Or maybe other “small-ish” towns that are cool to hang out during the day at a coffee shop while I work and intermittently explore.



I’ve lived in NJ my whole life.

You’re not too far from Three Wave Music in Hawthorne (massive collection of vintage synths). Worth the drive for sure.

If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out and get out of the city/suburbs. Asbury Park is the spot. Its where I’ve lived for the past 5 years. Right on the beach, lots of cool shops and venues and if you’re into guitars Russo Music is the shit. I’ll check some calendars out and see if there is anything cool happening in town those few days!

I’m actually moving into a new place around that time, but if I end up being free from the chaos I’ll hit you up.

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I went there last time I was there, agreed incredible place–like a museum. If that is on the way to something else, I would definitely stop by again.

That sounds great and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, thanks! I will make a plan to check it out

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Also, if you like nature believe it or not Sussex County is an amazing area. If you go West on RT 80 you can get to the NJ/PA border by the Delaware Water Gap and its quite beautiful. Stokes State Forest is a little more north but also rad. Makes you question if you are even in NJ anymore! :slight_smile:


beacon is 2 hrs from delhi, ny! :wink:

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ooo, I want to come by and see that storefront(?)/workspace y’all have been renovating that’s popped up on instagram. looks really, really cool.