New M4L patch for Monome128 - live follow actions

I’ve been working on this M4L patch that allows you to mute/unmute tracks, launch next/previous clips at a specific time. Designed for Monome128 using Max5, Ableton 8. The idea is you can set a number of different changes to happen inside a Live set after a determined number of bar countdown. 2 tracks in Live can be used to launch fills or builds as well. I’m still testing it, but if anyone wants to try it out here is the patch and a basic image showing what each button does.

In Live clips will need to be quantized to 1 bar to work correctly (or have a global launch setting of 1 bar)

<a class=“attachment” TimedMutesShare.amxd (2.9 MB)

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Here’s a quick demo showing it in action. I use a 4 bar count down to unmute track 6 and go to the next clip on track 2. Then I mute track 6 and go to previous clip on track 2 after another 4 bar count.

More updates on this. Patch lets you set a quantized countdown and initiates a set of changes all at once - mute/unmute tracks, go to next/previous clip, launch a fill or build that leads up to the change. Here’s a video demonstrating it in action.

serialosc.maxpat (28.0 KB)
TimedMutesShare.amxd (3.0 MB)