New MacBook: which hub/dongle/whatever do you use?

So now I just bought a base model MacBook Pro 13”,
and now I got to live with the fact that it has only 2 usb-c ports.

What’s your favorite (sigh :roll_eyes: ) usb-c hub or dongle or whatever for connecting your MacBook with your other things as audio interface, midi controllers, external monitor etc?


I got one of these:

To cover my SD card, HDMI, and USB-A needs, and then a mess of USB-C to USB-A cables. So unless I’m doing something that needs HDMI or an SD card, I just use cables instead of dongles.


Ahah this is both very well thoughout / complete and absolutely absurd looking as it really feels like your macbook lost an arm ^^


Lol, we’ll you’re not wrong!

I use one of these with the Apple dongle:


Got this one and it work like a charm:
I connected to it an audio interface, Push 2 and it charge my iPad too.

Has anyone had any luck with a direct usb-c to mini usb cable? I’ve been using a satechi hub with the usual monome usb-a cable, but would be nice to remove a box from that chain if i’m just jamming around with my laptop and grid only. I ordered a few on aliexpress but none have worked

I got a fancy LG thunderbolt 3 monitor that has one charging thunderbolt 3 port and three USB C ports on the back. That thunderbolt 3 connector sure is confusing! It’s a great monitor.

I bought some Belkin cables that seem to do the trick. The usb-c ends are a little long for some of them but they work for me.

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