New Mannequins/Whimsical Raps?


Nice!! You know someone here is probably sitting on some great video demos of this thing…

And here’s me trying to downsize to a 3u :grin:

me too! Very excited for this :astonished:

Power supply?

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It looks like it could be stereo output module like on the three sisters demo video.

I was thinking the same after re-watching some of their demo videos. If it is in fact a stereo output module I’d pick it up for sure. I only have mono out in my rack at the moment, and it would pair so nicely with Cold Mac…

If it is I think it would make A nice fit with the the cold Mac… I really want one to augment my pair of mangroves!

Looks like the page is up.

Nice. They just need some sort of robust envelope/modulation module and I’m sold on the complete mini-system.

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I was hoping it would be some sort of modulator. I’m sure any new modules will be interesting like the others…

I’m a bit confused by it, in that I’m not sure why I’d want to use up rack space on a passive direct. The page doesn’t say HP, but I’m guessing 6 from the picture, which isn’t a big loss but I still don’t think I could justify it in my small case (6U 84HP). Faceplate certainly looks nice, and a decent price relative to other passive DIs.

Anyone know how Cinemag transformers compare to Jensen?

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I find these types of output modules invaluable for playing live, especially when one regularly interfaces with pedals or other gear and instruments etc. In the studio it might not matter much, but live it’s nice to not worry about lugging around extra DIs or special cables. The big plus here I think is that it’s bi-directional, so one doesn’t need to lose even more space with input modules and send/return modules.

The folklore states that Jensen copied Cinemag’s DI transformer back in the day when Radial started asking for quantities that Cinemag couldn’t keep up with… You can take it with a grain of salt, but the specifications of the two are more-or-less identical, as is the price.

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Another one on the horizon:

Hoping it’s envelopes.


There is a discussion taking place over on Muffs on this very topic.

I’m also very curious to learn more about the apparent collaboration between Monome and Whimsical Raps (the makers of Mangrove, Three Sisters, Cold Mac, RIPS and the to-be-released Just Friends). The 120HP 1U utility strip featured on Instagram this last week by CONTROL (reproduced on a Muffs thread here) is frankly fascinating.

I’ve been peering at Meadowphysics for a while, and this sort of collaboration might be enough to push me over the Monome edge.

PS: First post!


Yeah, I talked to someone who was at the Brooklyn synth show. Seems like Just Friends is indeed a function generator. Plus there will be a case/1u strip that incorporates the monome switch, the RIP, plus a mixer and sends, a spring verb, etc.

Waiting on full deets.


Would love to see a close up shot of that Just Friends mock faceplate. :smile:


The big question for me is how this compares and contrasts with MN Maths. Hopefully we’ll know a little more in 9 days (at least).

Judging by that muff’s thread you posted, it’ll be quite different from maths.