New: meadowphysics (two)

edit: 2.1 now available:

meadowphysics is now new again. each row now has its own counter, more like flin. with speed control and conditional reset. check out the video:

shown is the free max version (requires max 7): (10.6 KB)

but also is an update to the eurorack module:


key charts coming-- until then:


8 counters, in rows, counting down leftwards.

when a counter hits the left edge, many things can happen:

  • a note can be triggered or toggled.
  • the counter can reset itself or others back to its count position.
  • a rule can be executed and applied to itself or another counter.

set count by pressing a key within a row.

hold leftmost key to set parameters for given row.

  • set speed by pressing keys 8-16 within the row. faster is leftwards.
  • stop (or resume) a row by pressing column 3.
  • toggle RESET for any row by pressing the fourth column.
  • set trigger output by pressing column 6.
  • set toggle output by pressing column 5. (triggers and toggles can be set for multiple outputs.)

while holding the leftmost key, press and hold the next-to-leftmost key to see rules for a given row.

  • select the destination of a rule by pressing column 6/7.
  • change the rule by pressing the right half of the grid. select vertically and a glyph is displayed.

most “rules” require a range to be defined for a counter.

  • define a range by holding a count and selecting another position. this defines the maximum and minumum.

by default the “increment” rule is selected.

  • on each execution, count will be increased. if max is hit, the next execution will be the minimum.

other rules do different things, listed from top to bottom:

  • none: do nothing.
  • increment: increase by 1. wrap if at top.
  • decrement: decrease by 1. wrap if at bottom.
  • max: go to maximum.
  • min: go to minimum.
  • random: go to random count within range.
  • pole: go to min or max, whichever is furthest away.
  • stop: stop.

This is wonderful, thanks tehn. I’ve always loved flin.

Holy crap.
Honestly, I was hoping for a ww rework…
But this might get me into mp land (now that I finally have a tt ^^)
Looks super playable!

Can’t wait to try this!

Looks amazing! Anxious to see the documentation and key chart. I always assumed that meadowphysics was exclusively used for triggers and not 1v per oct cv.

mp is still triggers only.

the max version has a keymap and plugin setup for a polyphonic vst etc (the vid uses aalto)

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Ah…makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Still a great achievement none the less.

Wonderful. Frustrated because i finally tamed mine (arrived a few weeks ago), but it seems more playable now.
Thank you !!

Effectively we have an extra row, then if we want it. It looks like we can still run as before with top row as master, if we wanted to.
I must say I am happy. After spending a fair amount time with ES and Orca and MP I was less inspired by MP, this looks much better.

It took awhile to understand the “old” MP. Now it’s time to learn from scratch :smiley:

the original MP has a lot of synchronicity-- triggers happened at once quite often due to the inter-tangling.

this new version has much more musical possibilities. i showed a few tricks i discovered in the video, but i expect there is much more this can do when routed in different ways.

i must also say that this is pretty easy to understand, so don’t fear diving in. also with a free max version there’s no commitment to flashing your hardware.


I’ve been using meadow physics with teletype, but when I try using the newer version it just doesn’t respond. Even when I choose a plugin it just doesn’t work. I don’t know if I’m missing a step. I’m doing exactly what I was doing with the previous version.

that range feature = instant polyrhythms

any hope of a corresponding aleph op tweak?

in the meantime i’ve been using teletype for the kind of stuff MP was handling in my setup before


Should the mp-note.maxpat be included in the ZIP of the Max download, or am I missing something?

I just downloaded the new version. It responds perfectly to my monome but with no sound. I’ve played the older version of meadow physics with teletype and I’m trying to do the same thing with the new one, but some how there’s no reciprocity.

I’m not sure as to what i’m missing… do you have any suggestions?

Indeed. You can dl it from

Still, I get no lights at all here.

monome_sum working fine.

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second the aleph version request! :slight_smile:

the new meadowphysics is not attached to teletype. it could be with a small modification.

correct, fixed the file. download the new zip

it’s just occurred to me that this may not work with mono-bright editions and i’ll need to make a fix to support non-varibright models.


Im getting two JavaScript errors, not upon startup, but when I connect my monome. (the little patch is part obscured by the help button btw)
The error is: js - js: no function size [mp.js]

I get that one twice.
I’m running on windows 8 max 7.0
monome 128
I am using the recently updated zip as well. (~6.00 pm est)