New module: ansible

the arc announcement led me to push announcing the new module: ansible. spot it in the photo above. the full announcement won’t be for a few weeks after videos and docs and firmwares are completed.

basic details:

  • 6hp
  • no 5v required
  • 4 x TR output
  • 4 x CV output
  • 2 x key input
  • 2 x TR input (clock/reset/etc)
  • USB host for arc, grid, midi
  • ii (i2c) connectivity

this module is hugely modal. plug in an arc and it does arc things. plug in a grid and play grids. and midi.

details and video and documentation coming, but in summary via ambiguous feature-phrases:

arc - level setting with range setting and note quantization, polyrhythmic clock pulse outputs, patterns and sequencing, friction and momentum physics.

grid - multiple applications to toggle between.

midi - basic interfacing and arps and more.

furthermore, with no USB device attached the module will continue running the last-used application, but is toggle-able into Teletype expander mode. Up to four Ansibles can be attached via a backside ii ribbon-- giving TT the ability to manage 20 CV outs and 20 TR outs in addition to TR and key inputs.

all firmware will be open-source.

expected retail is $280. mid-august. no pre-order.

update - will ship when the arc is ready.



The new arc is beautiful.

But this is the announcement I was REALLY waiting for!


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wow, this looks incredible. can’t wait!

Woah. Not expecting this. Glad it works with the tele and grids too. Does this have a expander on the back to help connect to the ecosystem?( in regards to how does it connect if one has the trilogy? Does it have multiple connectors on the back?)

Very cool. I look forward to learning more. I have 8 spare HP.

you still manage to surprise us

truly…best of all worlds

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Ansible looks amazing! Picked up a second white whale though it looks like it’ll do exactly what I was trying to accomplish with two WW’s. Anyway to get a sneak peak at the firmware?

Also will try and not confuse forks of it with the ansible config management software— hah

Oh god. Just take my money.

Will Escape from Noise be getting the new arcs and modules?

wonderful! very much looking forward to learning more about this.

I know the legacy “push button” arcs are black sheep → but will this module have any mechanism to support that functionality? Also, will a 2 dial arc just use the top 2 outputs? Thanks, this looks amazing and with the other modules as a testament, I’m sure it will function amazingly as well.

ohhhh man. I wonder if this will bridge some of the gap between the software and hardware grid worlds. all I want is a polygomé for modular!

does this mean anything for grids/arcs connected? i.e. will switch still be required, or does the module transform 12v to 5v for connected devices on its own? if switch is required, will there be a new edition that allows connecting one of each device type? otherwise, one would have to get two switches, one for grid and one for arc, to use more than one euro module, or even just one module if it accepts both grid and arc.

gasp! seems to be GREAT !
is it programmable ? This is probably that I didn’t understand well how it works.


Same AVR32 runes module?

ah, good question! nothing on github yet… :slight_smile:

internal 5v power off the 12v rail. needs max 250ma 12v with grid/arc running. you can still use a switch for extra noise isolation, but with a good ground return this shouldn’t be an issue.

not black sheep, just so rare that it’s difficult to accommodate all cases. likewise i am not planning a mono brightness or 64/256 versions of the grid firmware on ansible.

with some gentle firmware hacks these other-sized devices can be made more usable.

yes, in C. like all the others.

new “runes” with new power system and an uc3b0512 (like TT).

much cleaner firmware this time around thanks to all of your guys’ contributions!

i’ll be extending the new stuff to retailers soon, so yes, bug them in advance if you want them to carry these and they’ll be more likely to get them quickly.

thought grid/arc needs 500mA? has this changed?

Thanks. Have sent an EOI to my local UK retailer too. :slight_smile:

Awesome work, can’t wait – and congratulations!

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Which one? I’d also like a retailer closer to home.