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I was searching the forums to figure this out but couldn’t find anything - what is producing the sounds after 4:20 in the Ansible video? I can’t tell if that’s Just Friends or Mangrove (I don’t have either, but considering both). The timbral shifting and movement is really great.

two mangroves! they are the best.


Probably mostly a question for @tehn – Is there any plan to bring Earthsea to Ansible? Or a version of it?

I’m considering getting my 3rd Ansible so that I can do Meadowphysics, Kria, and either Cycles/Levels all at once. Would love to be able to add the Earthsea type functionality into the mix as well.

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Brian mentioned this here:

There is a healthy amount of interest in getting some variant of Earthsea on Ansible. Not sure if I could pull it off, but I’ve been looking at the code for both modules to learn how they work - a good learning experience so far. Perhaps somebody like @scanner_darkly or @ngwese would be up to the challenge.

Of all the original three monome modules, Earthsea seems to benefit most from the hardware knobs, and so might not be a great candidate for porting to Ansible. I recall some comments to that effect from @tehn on some earlier thread…

In terms of priorities for Ansible porting however, I also understood that Orca was perhaps higher on the list? I could be wrong.

while i agree that earthsea’s shape memory cv macros are a big part of what makes that module so interesting - there’s something to be said for having “keyboard” type functionality on the grid with realtime pattern recording and playback. that function alone would be worth porting. additionally, with 4 channels of cv/gate, ansible could theoretically run 4 layers of earthsea patterns…


indeed, 4 track pattern recorder, yummy! has crossed my mind too.

I agree with @shellfritsch. With that being said, I do think that there could be a way to implement CV output without knobs - you could have a page/screen similar to the Kria tempo setting. 4 layers of patterns would probably make the most sense instead though.

I bet there would be a way to do this using some combination of buttons? or as a TT expansion option?

@sakul, @emenel, @bobbcorr, & @shellfritsch - the ES firmware (ported to Ansible) could be modded to us a TELEX input expander for the four hardware knobs. The i2c code is in the common library, so it would be fairly easy for an enterprising individual to wire up. (Note: my plate is totally full. I’m not volunteering to ever do this - but I’d be happy to help an interested party with the TXi integration - if they need it.)


How would that work, as afaik there’s no way for Ansible to pull data via i2c? You could allow it to be set from a teletype command, and grab the value from TXi.


There are a number of ways it could be done - a little research would be required.

Right now, the expanders are slave devices. If the Ansible acted as a master, it could request the values of the four knobs at some reasonable frequency. i2c busses can support multiple masters - but I’m not sure offhand if the Ansible’s chip and underlying AVR library allows it to be both a master and a slave.

Another way would be to modify the TXi firmware to act as a Master and to send out values to Ansible when a knob changes position. This way the Ansible can stay as a slave and i2c chatter would be minimized. This would be a fairly trivial firmware modification for the TXi. I’d be happy to do it if someone was working on the ES port.

or an arc? imagine an expanded 4 channel earthsea with grid and arc control…


Arc would be AMAZING!!!

Exclamation points for excitement at the idea and whatever the minimum character limit is. :wink:


If there’s any way to help make this happen I’m all in.

Methinks this needs a new thread, folks.

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Spun it off from an earlier post for context: Ansible Earthsea

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not sure if there will be an official release for Teletype before the upcoming v2 @sam is working on, so wanted to mention it now - the latest versions of TT and Ansible firmwares support new ansible remote commands LV.CV and CY.CV.

both return the current value on a specified CV output for Levels and Cycles respectively. this allows you to use Levels or Cycles as controllers for TT scripts directly. and since you can use remotes to control Levels/Cycles too you could write a script that would step through Levels patterns and store them into TT patterns, for instance.

these are readonly - you can’t use them to set output CV levels.


Just ordered Ansible from those nice people at Control, excited !

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Mine’s in the mail, too. Can’t wait.