New module: ansible


There are a number of ways it could be done - a little research would be required.

Right now, the expanders are slave devices. If the Ansible acted as a master, it could request the values of the four knobs at some reasonable frequency. i2c busses can support multiple masters - but I’m not sure offhand if the Ansible’s chip and underlying AVR library allows it to be both a master and a slave.

Another way would be to modify the TXi firmware to act as a Master and to send out values to Ansible when a knob changes position. This way the Ansible can stay as a slave and i2c chatter would be minimized. This would be a fairly trivial firmware modification for the TXi. I’d be happy to do it if someone was working on the ES port.

or an arc? imagine an expanded 4 channel earthsea with grid and arc control…


Arc would be AMAZING!!!

Exclamation points for excitement at the idea and whatever the minimum character limit is. :wink:


If there’s any way to help make this happen I’m all in.

Methinks this needs a new thread, folks.

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Spun it off from an earlier post for context: Ansible Earthsea

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not sure if there will be an official release for Teletype before the upcoming v2 @sam is working on, so wanted to mention it now - the latest versions of TT and Ansible firmwares support new ansible remote commands LV.CV and CY.CV.

both return the current value on a specified CV output for Levels and Cycles respectively. this allows you to use Levels or Cycles as controllers for TT scripts directly. and since you can use remotes to control Levels/Cycles too you could write a script that would step through Levels patterns and store them into TT patterns, for instance.

these are readonly - you can’t use them to set output CV levels.


Just ordered Ansible from those nice people at Control, excited !

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Mine’s in the mail, too. Can’t wait.


As is mine
Issa party :slight_smile:

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be sure to update your firmwares! new new new


would it be possible to keep discussions pertaining to ansible firmware/updates in separate threads, perhaps per app? not sure if this makes sense but perhaps it may relieve you of some trivial support questions :slight_smile:

as it happens I’m curious to how the loop modifier for kria now affects all four tracks, rather than just the one track I’m adjusting the loop for (all four tracks have the exact same adjustable length). haven’t updated to most recent August version yet which I noticed is out, but I have the one before.

EDIT: it is imperative to read the manual. key 2 has the config page which needed adjusting to desired state after fw update.


quick question regarding Kria
i’ve watched the vimeo video tutorial, and as i understand it’s based on WW. The ansible version as the website tell is different.
Is there a “manual” for Kria on Ansible? because there are some parts that i still don’t understand using it…

manual is here:

it’s section 3, the first grid section, after the two arc sections

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Any word on an updated manual with the new Ansible 1.5 features?


Don’t want to create new topic for this q.

Looks like I have a grid coming my way (been too long). Have been avoiding the grid/ansible threads for a while so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I can’t afford ansible at the moment as well, as the grid so looking to trim the fat from my system. When using Kria/meadowphysics do I require a quantiser? Or can I safely get rid of my uscale?

I haven’t used a uScale or any quantizer, but I have been using Ansible/Kria, and you can pretty easily define your own scales. There’s some info in the documentation here:

Cool (20 characters of) cheers.

I’m in the UK, does anyone know where I can find one to buy from here or Europe?

Looks like EFN have stock

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