New module: ansible

500mA at 5v, which turns into around 250mA at 12v with an ~80% efficiency converter.


Looks amazing, like everything monome puts out, congrats to all involved!

Killing the game as usual


somebody with isms needs to fill the blank space with as many ansibles and coldmacs as will fit


so excited - sounds very flexible - looking forward to the videos

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looking forward to the full details of the module, and also curious as to how it will reflect its namesake.

So will the Arc4, circa 2014 (I believe…the last one you sold) work with this module, Brian?

this was answered on the new arc announcement. all arc4s will work with it:

[quote=“tehn, post:4, topic:3728”][quote=“laborcamp, post:2, topic:3728”]
just to clarify: does this mean that the functionality of the new arc and the 2012 is the same? as in: the new module and whatever applications are released for the new arc will also work %100 with the 2012 arc?
[/quote]correct. same resolution, no push button, same LED interaction. they are functionally identical, though the feel and look are slightly different.[/quote]

Duh…sorry, I had briefly looked around but didn’t see that thread. Thanks.

:slowclap: !!! :dizzy_face:

Cool idea to toggle between patches for the grid. Looking forward to hearing more about Ansible.

congratulations for another brilliant product in the monome universe! :sparkles:

this is even very interesting for someone without any monome device and just a midi keyboard. (e.g. quadrophonic midi out with triggable hold and voice allocation changes?)

can’t wait to extend my setup with this…

This – together with the arc – is what I have been waiting for, thanks much in advance for creating this!

MIDI is interesting. Will this feature be ported across the other euro firmwares?

well after realizing several of the things I’ve been doing lately would work so well with the arc these announcements are making it very hard to save money

i love the connection you made to blassers new take on rotary gestures

i saw potential to translate some of those ideas to the monome world but havent articulated how it might work

Thanks for the reply - and thanks for open sourcing the code!

Hoping Cymru Beats might stock them. Are there any modular shops in Ireland?

You leave the civilized world for a week and you drop this! Awesome!

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Sadly no. I’d settle for someone in the UK/EU!