New Monome User Questions

Hi there,
since yesterday im new to the world of Monome users.
I try to figure out how it works and will read me thru this forum.
But also want to start this little thread.
It would be very nice if someone could help me out a little bit.
How can i figure out wich model i have ?
How can i set quantize in MLR or some other aps ( haven’t found anything)
And one little question because haven’t understood the whole concept.
If i have my sample or aps running, do i have something like a metronome
or how can i get all different apps in in sync ( if i start without a beat in the background)
The final goal would be to find a way to integrate it with ableton.
But at the moment i think it would be a long route ?
Would love to be able to record some analog stuff life on the fly and manipulate it with the MLR
Also some outboard synthesizers should be triggered.
Thank you.

which edition-- see here: or post a photo and we’ll ID it.

sync in MLR, check re:mix which is a M4L device

Try to use the Sum app.
If i have loaded my application 1 - 8
The buttons 1-8 in the bottom row light up for every app.
But i have to select the apps with buttons 9-16
Is there any fix or bug ?
Because in the documentaion and some videos i saw
that the bottom row lights up and in the belonging top row1-8 i can select the app.
What will make much more sens than my setup where the loaded apps are displayed in bottom row 1-8 but have to be selected in top row 9-16 ?