New Monome User! (Seeking help with Max apps)

Hello everyone! First off, I wanted to say what a brilliant community this is to be a part of. The amount of information i’ve learned just from reading the forums is amazing. I recently purchased an older walnut Monome64, and have a few questions about Max apps in conjunction with Ableton 9.6 Suite. So, I’ve gotten a few of the apps to work(i’m currently trying to find a simple clip launcher for live performances) So far, i’ve used a few of the terms apps that work with ableton(polygome/press cafe). I also found that the dj64 app is pretty straight forward. I’m having trouble applying the maxApps and getting them to work with Ableton. I have downloaded a plethora of them, yet i’m not quite sure how to apply them in the live sets. They open in the Ableton set, yet I’m not quite sure how to get them working with live clips etc…This might seem a bit scattered, and I apologize in advance, yet so is my brain trying to get these applications up and running.

Thank you so much,

Christopher Ryan.


have you tried the clip launcher in t e r m s?