New music hosting company


I find they get in the way if I’m just listening to music. On Soundcloud, If I’m listening to whatever is in myfeed, I generally just hit play and look away.

But I like them in the context of audio embedded in text, makes previewing/skipping more efficient. If I’m reading a blog with an embed, I play the audio mostly to get a sense of what’s being discussed, less often am I compelled to listen to the whole thing.



The timeline is (or at least it was) a nice way to comment on parts of a song. I liked that about soundcloud. At least initially.



This is what music on the internet should be like:

neat little unique pages, serving you some cool shit - in this case a rob hood mix and a wicked little animated gif riffing on the minimal nation cover.



I also think waveform displays are unnecessary, but I’ve encountered so many people complaining when it’s missing.

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there’s also lektor, which is a python-based static site generator with a local web interface.



Nice! Reason I was looking at Jekyll was free web hosting from github. Looks like Lektor has that covered!



it looks really cool. I’ve been overwhelmed by the possibilities, though, and the amount of yak shaving keeps putting me off from actually using it for anything.

since it’s been a few months since I’ve tried it out, I guess now’s as good a time as ever!



It would be an interesting exercise to think through how we could set up Lektor with gh-pages on the monome-community repository to create a lines forum netlabel…

Would have to think through the permissions issues around getting a critical mass of contributors managing content.

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perhaps pull requests?

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as an update

I end using sc more than octave because it embeds nicely here
if bc and octave would embed I’d be a happy clam

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in theory, this can be done right now in the discourse onebox settings, though i think @tehn would have to actually enable it:



done and done.



Woohoo! 20 characters



Well… that was nice… :relaxed:



i love you guys

this is great!



oh ! that’s a really cool project



Most (if not all) static site generators work fine with GitHub pages, I’ve used ghp-import before and it works well. I’ve also done it using submodule tricks and that works well too.

I personally use Hugo for my blog, it’s very fast and I can recommend it. But in truth most of them of kind of the same.

One popular trick to automatically build, check and upload your static site is to use travis-ci. It can be set up to upload on every push to the master branch (or any other branch). If you google “hugo travis ci” or “jekyll travis ci”, etc, you should find a bunch of links. It is fiddly to get setup, but it’s a one time thing.

Also, GitHub includes a really good Markdown editor, along with a very easy to use web-based edit and PR generator. You could definitely get the following workflow going:

  • contributor edits or creates a Markdown document on GitHub, makes PR.
  • repo owner accepts the PR on GitHub
  • travis-ci automatically builds and publishes the site
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That workflow sounds perfect. I have a bit of time off for a few days starting tomorrow and will work on the fiddly bits.



Give me a shout if you need some help

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Could use suggestions for a name for the repo/site/label. has a nice ring to it but it would mess with autocomplete in the browser URL bar in a bad way.