(New) New Tendencies Release: L5

I’m really excited to announce the upcoming release of L5, my new album out July 13.

This was recorded over the last few months, and uses lots of techniques and equipment I learned about right here on llllllll, as well as with feedback from a number of community members.

Mastered by @Simeon :slight_smile:

The first track is up on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/newtendencies/trust)

It’ll be out on cassette and download… I’ll post in the cassette thread when I have tapes in hand and can share a picture…

Hope some of you enjoy this! Thanks for all the support.


Much excite. Loved working on this release.

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Dem crunchy beats! Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

ps. pre-ordered!

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First track sounds great - look forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! The cassettes are in and look fantastic. There are only 25 available, and I think three have been ordered. Pre-orders are open now and the whole album goes on sale next week. Also a video soon :slight_smile:


It’s out! You can stream and buy the full album now on Bandcamp. Link in the top post.

Thanks for everyone’s support on this release!

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Already 75% through my second listen this morning. :smiley: