New Orleans/The Big Easy

My wife and I fell in love with New Orleans the instant we first arrived there.

We have pretty solid plans to move there to live in a few years, hurricanes and rising sea levels be dammed.

We’ve only visited in winter though, so we’re going to visit again this July / August, in the height of summer, to see if we can stand it. (We’re familiar with summers in New York, so we’re not going in totally blind.)

I’m familiar enough with the jazz scene in New Orleans, but have no idea about any electronic or experimental music there.

Has anyone lived there recently and know of anything interesting going on, any interesting people? Think modular, monome and so on, not dull commercial so-called EDM.

Or is the city so steeped in jazz / soul / blues etc. that everything else gets drowned out?

Even better, are there any lines members living there now that I can shout a beer and quiz about the reality of life in the Big Easy?



I found this on facebook:

and there’s tons of stuff going on there, always. I’ve only been once (on a work trip, no less) but I totally love the vibe there, too. Incredible city. Maybe also look for cool people at the universities?

I lived in New Orleans from 1999 to 2003, and there was a pretty healthy scene, especially when tying in folks from Baton Rouge and elsewhere, who would come in for shows. The hub at the time, though it’s no longer around, was the Mermaid Lounge. Quintron was (and may remain) the best known local electronic musician — well, at the time excepting Trent Reznor, then a resident, whose studio (in a former mortuary) was a few blocks from the shotgun shack I lived in uptown. Definitely check out, who is still active. Other names escape me at the moment, but I’ll think of some.


I do believe he is - I never saw him and Miss Pussycat in NOLA itself, however.

I remember meeting a guy in a workshop on Decatur around 2008 or so who I had a long chat with about Neubauten, Linux and electronic music in New Orleans, and even though I took his email address at the time, I lost contact, sadly.

I too would love to live there one day as I’ve visited my mother-in-law there many times and have gradually come to love the city. It’s been considered a few times, but the weather and the bizarreness of the US healthcare and school system put the idea on hold. For now, at least.

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thanks all for the input. time for some more googling i think.

our two biggest fears also

i have not so fond NY summer memories of being stuck between stations on a subway car beneath the east river with no lights and no aircon, while the MTA tried to kickstart their 100 year old electric systems. let’s see if New Orleans can beat that… which i’m sure it can.

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As someone married to a southerner (Mississippi), there is no comparison. New York in August is downright comfy compared to New Orleans in august. :slight_smile: I do love New Orleans though.


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Hello New Orleanians

My wife and I will be visiting family in NOLA sometime in the last two weeks of April (or that’s the plan). It’d be nice to check out how the city is these days - it’s been far too long since our last visit (in 2009!), and it’d be great too see what’s new and what isn’t, especially around Frenchmen Street.

It would also be meet up with local Lines people in person too, of course!

Don’t generally venture out, outside of grocery shopping, but enjoy meeting new folks. I’m in the 7th ward area near the track, hit me up if you’d like to get a cup of tea :wave:

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That’d be lovely - we’ll be in Algiers, and will be heading to the East Bank fairly often I hope as we love the city dearly.

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Damn I miss New Orleans. 2023 maybe, fingers crossed.

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My partner just got started at Tulane so I’m down here quite often, definitely curious about getting into the experimental and improv scenes! I’ve been here a couple months and done some google/IG searching but I still feel like I’m just outside of the sphere…

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