New project: '3600 cuts' now in New York

Final 3 shows in NYC!
Feb. 8, 9, 10, at 8:00PM
At the Gibney Dance Center

Last week I have completed a run of a new performance project called “3600 cuts” at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis, US. I was very fortunate to be able to work on this piece with Pramila Vasudevan: a long time friend and collaborator.

We were joined by a cast of fabulous artists who supported the project with their superb skills and amazing work ethic:

Yasmin Abdi (performer)
Zoe Cinel (videographer)
Beverly Cottman (performer)
Holo Lue Choy (performance collaborator)
Kakuyu Dewberry (performer)
Heidi Eckwall (lighting designer)
Maxwell Hoaglund (screen contraption engineer)
Maryam Houshyar (performer)
Rachel Jendrzejewski (grant writer, communications)
J. Zachary Keenan (graphic designer)
Pedro Pablo Lander (performance collaborator)
Rahsaan Mahadeo (consultant on the racialization of time and the temporalization of race)
Koa Mirai (performer)
Lela Pierce (production assistant)
Ben Reed (screen contraption construction collaborator)
Greg Schomburg (interface designer)
Piotr Szyhalski (sound and media designer, performance collaborator)
Jasmine Kar Tang (dramaturgical consultant)
Chitra Vairavan (movement consultant)
Pramila Vasudevan (choreographer, performance collaborator)
Cassandra Velociraptor (performer)

The concept of the piece is a result of a close development process between Pramila and myself.
I performed a full length live score on my modular instrument, and generated some of the video content.

Here are a few images from the project.
(The video documentation is forthcoming.)
I will post more documentation as I receive the files.

We are hoping to tour the piece.
There are dates set to perform it in NYC in February, but we are also open to any other opportunities that might arise. If you know of a good venue that might be a good fit for this work, or know somebody that might be interested in presenting it, please let me know.



Few more shots of the video devices.


I also (as I often do) painted a floor size diagram, which serves two purposes: helps the performers with placement and orientation, but also maps out some structural ideas key to the project.

Pictured here with my instrument:

And a broader “in progress” view:


This looks amazing. I love the scale of the whole thing, and the integration of performance in different forms with media.

Maybe there’s a way we can get you to Toronto?


Thank you for your comments @emenel !

We worked really hard on making sure that the project was cohesive in every respect. Balance and thoughtful relationships between media, movement, sound, objects is super important, and I feel very strongly about understanding the reasons for presence of every component of the work. None of the things alone convey what we are aiming at, but ideas emerge from tensions/relationships between elements integrated on stage.

We are actually in the process of, hopefully, bringing the piece to Montreal. We did a residency there two summers ago at Studio 303, and are hoping to return to Montreal with this new work. If there was a way to make arrangements in Toronto as well, that would be amazing!


Amazing. When is the potential Montreal date? I’d be happy to help set something up here if the timing works.

That’s a very cool looking space.
The short video left me wanting to see more.

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Yes: The Southern Theater is beautiful!
Ever since I moved to Minneapolis, I wanted to do a project there, so this was very exciting for me!

Yes, there will be documentation coming in the next couple of weeks (I hope!)




I am in NYC working on this project this week (until Nov. 13). We will have a WIP showing next week, and proper performances in February.

Would love to connect with New York peeps, if anyone is around!


Double the pleasure.
Double the fun.

(Building the new sound for the NY performance.)


Aw dang, bummed I missed this!

Hit up The Lab in SF, I saw some great stuff there. I have many friends in Denver as well, I’ll direct them to your documentation and see if they think of anything.

Looking forward to seeing you in NYC eventually!

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Thank you.
Yes, I will post specific dates and times for the February showings in NYC a little closer to the dates.
But, I would also love to see if we can connect with any of the folks in SF and Denver. We are excited about the piece, and would love to bring it to other locations!

I’d be interested in helping figure out if we can bring this to Toronto if you’re interested.

@emenel How can we proceed with this?
Definitely interested in getting the project out!

I’ll DM you and we can chat

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Bumping this thread as we are approaching the three showings of this piece in NYC on Feb. 8,9,10 2018

Hope you can make it!
Would love to be able to say hi to fellow “liners” in person!