New Release - Catchthehare - D.A. #015 - A.D. 2021

I’m pleased to announce a collection of 18 archival recordings; created, found, collected and forwarded to Dust Archive for examination and release.

After Dust Archive made public the finding known as “A.D. 2020” the existence of 4 other boxes was reported to us. The boxes appeared at different locations in different times (all prior 2020) puzzling the discoverers, them referring to the content as “familiar but not identifiable”, “a far memory, but from someone else”, “photos of places I might have dreamed of”. Strangely enough, on top of any box a code, in blue ball pen: “A.D. 2021”.

What follows is the content of the box
Dust Archive protocol code: D.A. #015 - A.D. 2021

∙ [SP#058] to [SP#075] spools of tape
∙ [IT#037] abstract print
∙ [IT#038]* VHS tape
∙ [IT#039] photocopied instructions to make an origami paper crane
∙ [IT#040] torn sheet of paper, containing notes handwritten with a black ballpen. Transcription follows:

“but still I’m stuck
like a tiger behind bars
walking amok
Skinny polar bears
adrift on thin ice
We can see just a little trice
yet we keep splitting the same slice
so we are blind twice”

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