New Release: New Tendencies - Force Reset (superpang)

I’m really excited to release Force Reset on Superpang, who are doing amazing stuff.

This album comes out of the turbulent summer, embodying unsteadiness and repetition.

There are two track groups, A and B. Each one starts with the “original” and is followed by iterations and variations that play with tempo, rhythm, smearing, shifting, and mashing.

I’m happy to go more into the process or tools used if anyone is interested.


That percussion sounds incredible!

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For some reason Apple Music says your recordings aren’t available in my country or region, which is US… Weird!
So, listening on Bandcamp and definitely concur with @mattlowery that the percussion is very cool!


I actually pulled most of my old material from all streaming services and these new releases aren’t getting added, so Bandcamp is really the only place at the moment.


Sounding good! What’s the set up for this one and how did you sequence these patterns?

The base recording for both A and B are patterns on my 909 clone (the Nava). The original recordings are actually both considerably longer, more like 9 minutes each.

Those 909 recordings are then processed using some custom patches I made in Cecilia5 that lets me play with and sequence changes to stereo separation, adding overtones and harmonics, pitch shifting, and amplitude modulation.

A and B are both the base patch with the 909 recordings… then then subsequent A… and B… tracks are playing and automating parameters in Cecilia5 to create variations and derivatives of the original rhythms and patterns, either playing into them or against them.


Listened to this this morning as I was waking up when I saw the Superpang bandcamp update, really enjoyable. Gotta give it a proper headphones listen later.

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Fantastic rhythms. Thanks for the heads up on Cecelia - I wasn’t aware of it.

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Really like the timbres and rhythm in Force Reset! Wouldn’t have guessed the sounds were from a 909 (clone). Lovely. :heart_eyes:

That panning is intense. I feel like I’m listening to two tracks at once.

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